Sud-Aviation SE C210F GRV 01/066

Started by oliv30330, July 10, 2010, 04:46:59 AM

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Sud-Aviation SE C210F GRV 01/066 - 1956

see on the french air base of Avord


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Very nice!  Always thought the Caravelle was a very pretty airliner, wider military uses are a good thing. :thumbsup:
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the first operationnal french light tanker   :tank:

in 1955 the command of the French air force was looking for a tanker in order to increase the range of its bombers hunters. Sud Aviation adroitly 1 Caravelle it transformed into tanker of its production chain. tests were very fast, the prototype giving satisfaction, the air force commanded a total of 12 C210 to ERV Squadron 01/66 will be delivered to a starting 1956


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as usual: 1/144th, indeed I do only that, between 1/144th and 1/160th. This is an old Airfix kit that I had and I couldn't has finally