German E75 (Tiger 3)

Started by Lazlo Woodbine, April 22, 2004, 10:03:06 AM

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Lazlo Woodbine


This is the revell King Tiger converted into the projected E75 heavy tank with 10.5 cm gun and night vision equipment.  
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:o  :o look at the size of that gun!!!  :o  :o  
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Holy smokes!!!

That gun is bigger than mine!!!


Martin H

That beast could rely ruin someones day

Looking good gary, hope your displaying these tin cans at gateshead
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Size (of the stash) matters.

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I know why it didn't get into service  :rolleyes:
The tank crew didn't want to clean the gun after firing............imagine using a pullthrough on that beastie  :P
Ace tank Gary.
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I love tanks with big guns.
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