Hawker Osprey

Started by Lazlo Woodbine, April 22, 2004, 09:52:23 AM

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Lazlo Woodbine


This is the Airfix kit with wings hacked about from a PM Horten kit, its going to have 2 Blue Jay miisiles and fuel tanks.

PS Todd the Newcastle Tyne Brewery is being closed  
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Mike Bassett


Can you fill us in on the history of the type?  It looks like a Hunter with funny wig tips & nose.
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Lazlo Woodbine


Nev, its the Hawker P1083 which (I think) was a supersonic development of the Hunter with new wings.  I lengthened the nose to accommodate radar for blue jay missiles.  Wooksta probably has more info about it to hand.

"Ladies and gentlemen, England will be playing four-four f&*$£*^g two"

Mike Bassett


I love Hunters..................even ones that aren't real!

Good job young man.

Captain Canada

Looks like a 'big wing' Hunter ! Pretty cool !

And the Brewery is being closed ? What ? Maybe it's true, all this talk I hear of the UK selling out......are they owned ( as is all brewing ) by Interbrew ? The Nazi's of beer ?

Man, what a tavesty......are they moving the brewery ? Or are they going to brew it cheaper in the third world ?

Who's next, Bass ?

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Martin H

QuoteWho's next, Bass ?
Sorry toad......BASS is Interbrew
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