1/72 Aircraft carrier on ARC

Started by Aircav, April 20, 2004, 10:21:53 AM

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Hi, has anyone else seen the 1/72 carriers on ARC, they look ace.
Do we have enough room do to a mini carrier for the Nats ?, as a display for the navy aircraft we are doing.

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Cool idea. The whildest example I've seen of something like that was the Shearwater Aviation Museum. They have a 1/48 scale model of the HMCS Bonaventure. It was originally built as a float for Natal Day parades, but a builder there detailed it and added a bunch of Testors Banshees and stuff. Very neat!
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Hey, fun stuff! Sure beats out my 1/700 battlegroup. I'd love to build an LHA in 1/72 someday, with all the birds and armor and LCACs, but space is at a premium, and time doubly so.

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Great model.   I'm actually toying with idea of a shelve mock up of a carrier for all of my RCN stuff.   "Buccaneers on the Bonnie"

Thankks for sharing the pic and idea  :)  


WOW oooooh if only I had the room :rolleyes:  

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Whoa....that's awesome !

Nothing better than 'big kids' !

Sure looks like fun !

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QuoteThe whildest example I've seen of something like that was the Shearwater Aviation Museum.
Bragging time! If you ogled that Fairey Swordfish they have then know this; My father is the person who got that engine back to flying condition!  ^_^  
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And they actually flew the thing!!!!!!
What an airplane!!!
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