Kitech kits - any good?

Started by rickshaw, June 26, 2010, 06:36:37 AM

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Are kitech kits from China any good or just rubbish?  They seem incredibly cheap compared to other manufacturers' offerings and I'm wondering if its just a case of "you get what you pay for"?
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Knock off's of other companies moulds that rarely fit together well in my experience but a cheap source of spares and I have seen some built pretty well with some good Putty-Fu.

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if the molds are new, there fairly good for "wargames" quality, ( at 2 for £5 they were a dammed bargin) they do run the mold to death and some of the recent challys ive got are very flashy, You do get what you par for, but the price/quality ratio is very much users choice.
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A good source of spares and bits.


You may occasioalyy see the word 'Zhengdefu' used as a threat on this forum. Kitech is just a different name for that infamous brand. Chinese knock-offs, but they come in the mightiest of corrugated cardboard boxes! I particularly love thier box art. It consists of taking the original kit's box art, cropping it down so there are no pesky logos or any of the text from the original, and then slapping thier own text and logo on.
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i bought a few some years back as parts donors but never built any.
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I've got the Kitech MH-53E (which is definitely a clone) and their AH-1Z.  Haven't opened the Viper Cobra yet.
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-I tried to build there Mig-31, the fit of the parts was "challenging".


The SHADO retriever I built a while back started life as a 1/48th scale Arado Blitz. Lets just say it was adequate, for the purpose. I have a f-16 and an F-14 of theirs in the stash too which I am sure will get the dremel razor saw treatment too  :wacko:
Like everyone says they are cheap, slightly cheerful but shouldn't make you think twice about hacking them up.
Go for it and buy some.
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