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Started by GTX, June 19, 2010, 09:18:27 PM

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Please post pics of your finished model project as well as a link to your build thread.


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F111-O "Stoat" in RAF Service.
Modified F-111G for RAF for specialized RADAR interdiction

Build Blog



Build thread and more pics here.

General Dynamics EF-111F
Armée de l'Air, EGE 2/9 Auvergne
Colmar-Meyenheim, 1998

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F-111B, Royal Navy 893 Squadron, Aboard ARK ROYAL 1975.

Back story:  With the cancellation of the TSR2, the RAF decided to proceed with the F-111, and with some political intervention the order was expanded to include the F-111B for the upcoming CVA-01 class of carries expected to enter Royal Navy service circa 1970.  During this period the F-111 was being ordered by the US Air Force, US Navy and Australia., with other customers being touted.  
As was much the case in the United States, politicians and bureaucrats found advertised commonality between Navy and Air Force designs very attractive, and the F-111 was ordered in 1967 for RAF and FAA service.  Due to increased tensions around the world the 1966 Defense White Paper was re-drafted and both the RAF and FAA were given substantial funding increases. With this increase, and with the  US government and General Dynamics offering very attractive pricing to lure more customers, the FAA was able to proceed with both the Phantom and F-111B programs, with the Phantom concentrating on fleet air defense and short and mid ranges, and the F-111B to counter long range Soviet threats.  
Although two CVA-01 class carriers were planned, CVA-02 the DUKE OF EDINBUROUGH was cancelled in 1968 when only 14% complete, leaving the fleet with the ARK ROYAL and CVA-01 QUEEN ELIZABETH as the only major fleet carriers.  Soon after the cancellation of CVA-02 it was decided to extend the lengthy so-called "Phantomization" yard period the ARK ROYAL, so she could operate both the F-111 and the Phantom.  The modernization included a 94 foot plug amidships and an extended waist catapult.  Lifts and arresting gear were also substantially upgraded to allow for the much heavier and larger  F-111B.  The refit also proved useful for other aircraft, allowing for increased operating weights for the Phantoms and Buccaneers and some extra margin on takeoff and landing speeds.  
893 squadron was slated for the first operational squadron and began converting from the Sea Vixen in late 1969.
In service the F-111B was a poor fit for the ARK ROYAL, as the aircraft was quite large and interfered with the parking and operation of other aircraft.  Normally she deployed with only 5 F-111B's, and most operations were conducted in the North Atlantic, except two short cruises to the United States, and some cross decking opportunities with US carriers.   Usually a full squadron of 8 F-111's  were deployed the QUEEN ELIZABETH.  A further complication with the F-111B on the ARK was that only the waist catapult could be used.  Despite these limitations, the ARK served as useful gap filler while the QUEEN ELIZABETH was in extended yard periods.
The ship is portrayed as she was in service during a joint UK/Norwegian exercise in 1975, with F-111's preparing to launch on a Bear intercept.    
The Kit.
Seaway Ark Royal.  1/700.  Out of the box she is in her 1950's configuration.  For the build, she was given an entirely new flight deck, a mid hull plug, guns removed/covered, deck edge lift eliminated, revised island, bridle catchers and assorted modifications.  Displayed on a silicone base based on the tip from Noxioux on this forum.  My first try at this- thank you for the tip.  
Air group is a mix of 1/700 kits:  
F-111- Pit Road S-6 Desert Shield 1
Phantom- various
Gannet and Wessex- Fujimi Royal Navy aircraft.  Modified for AEW and COD roles.  
Sea King. Old Sea Harrier/Sea King set.  
Buccaneer- heavily modified F-4's.
Dave "Sandiego89"
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA


Finished! Painted to represent an RAF F-111A bought from surplus USAF stocks following the termination of the Panavia MRCA program.  The somewhat elderly and unmodified airframes performed well in the the Gulf war of 1991.
It is a very early Airfix F-111 built oob with the addition of 4 Alarms.

Build in progress

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link to my build stuff here,28971.0.html

and some shots of the finished product.
i hope that there ok. as it was a bit of a challange what with the 1st go at resin casting for the tails for it.
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Hi folks,

Finally done. Gory details here:,29008.0.html

Story runs along the lines of the future tensions over the Spratly Islands and their oil deposits. The RAAF is caught out by the slow delivery of the F-35 and only has the F/A-18E for long range strike. To supplement strategic capability a crash program is initiated to bring the F-111 back into service using the latest electronics and propulsion systems available. Electronics are similar to those used by the F/A-18E and engines are drawn from US F-15E spares sources. The fuselage spine is enlarged to house additional fuel, navigation, EW and comms equipment.

Monash University does some rapid modeling and suggests a ramp intake design will be more efficient and comes up with a working prototype. They also propose additional control surfaces just behind the radome for enhance gust resistance at low level and improved low-speed handling.

The aircraft picture is the prototype. The paint scheme was intended to recall maritime aviation of the 1950's. No production examples were completed due to big efforts by the US to speed F-35 production and development as tensions over the Spratleys rose.

Thankfully for all, the Spratley confrontation was solved without a shot being fired.
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Quote from: buzzbomb on August 18, 2010, 03:57:31 AM
F111-O "Stoat" in RAF Service.
Modified F-111G for RAF for specialized RADAR interdiction

Build Blog


I've got to build them, just got too, they're great, fantastic!!


CF-111 Wolverine, 1975
Some of my models can be found on my Flickr album >>>HERE<<<