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Started by tigercat2, June 15, 2010, 04:05:01 PM

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Have any of you ever made a "blind order" from a mail order place?  Several years ago I did this with the Rare Plane Detective in NV (great place, by the way).  I specified the general categories (all 1/72, WW II to present day, any country, any air arm, props and jets,  no 4 engine (don't have the room), etc.  When I got the big box in the mail, it was like Christmas!!

I have just done the same thing again; told the RPD to fill a box with as many models as possible for $100.  The box should arrive soon, and I am really looking forward to it.  RPD said he had a nice selection; if its like last time, it will be fantastic!!!

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Post pics when it arrives :thumbsup:
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I haven't done that in years (last did it when I was into Battletech and told a store in Florida to "suprise me").

Yeah, post pics when it gets to you.
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Ooo, now there's an interesting concept. If I could chop down the unbuilts some, I would do this.
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Interesting idea. How to suprise yourself at Xmas/Birthday  ;D...let us know how it goes
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Sounds like fun.


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I will let you know what is in the "surprise package".  After thinking about this and seeing the posts concerning Matchbox kits (which I really like), my next variation on this theme might be to have the RPD send me all the Matchbox kits he can for X amount of dollars - could do the same with any brand, of course.

I have been building What Ifs for over 40 years (I have about 500 completed kits), so I probably won't receive too many kits that I don't already have, but with the endless possibilities of the What If world, I am very eager to receive the package and start building!!

Wes W.

Cliffy B

Sounds like serious fun man!  Post pics and don't worry if you've built 30 of each type already.  We can always come up with new ideas for them  ;D
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Quote from: Cliffy B on June 16, 2010, 07:57:02 AM
Sounds like serious fun man!  Post pics and don't worry if you've built 30 of each type already.  We can always come up with new ideas for them  ;D

I don't worry at all about 30 or so of each type!!  I have 30 F-104 What ifs, about 25 Tigercats, all Whifs of course, and about 50 FW-190s.  My wife thinks I am crazy, (probably am), and does not understand why anyone would want more than 1 version of an aircraft. but she gallantly puts up with this little hobby:) 

That is the beauty of What ifs.  The basic question is; how many different versions of an aircraft are enough?  Answer:  no limit!!

Wes W.


I've used Rare-Plane Detective on numerous occassions, Jeff is a very nice guy.  It's a relief that he's kept going as he was almost wiped out when Hurricane Katrina hit his business when he was located on the Gulf coast.
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I remember when RPD was in Gulfport, MS before he moved out to Vegas . . . If I wasn't in this dammed red boot I would've gone to his shop while I was out there last week.

Didn't know he did Blind Orders, I'll have to keep that in mind!
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I like Rareplanes.  I will be stopping in Vegas on my way to the Nats and will have to see if he will still be in town.  If not, can always visit his tables in the Vendors area.
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I have  been dealing with Jeff, the RPD for 10 years or so.  Always have been very happy with everything about the RPD.  To me, the "blind order" capability is a real treat; I am just like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!!

Wes W.


My "blind order" from the Rare Plane Detective arrived today; I told the RPD to send me some good kits for $100; specified from WWII to present, any service any country, all 1/72.

The actual total came to $98; here is what I got:

Airfix:  Pe-2
Hasagawa:  Zero, P-47, X-29
Heller:  Tempest Mk V, Spitfire Mk VB
Matchbox:  P-51D
Revell:  Fw-190F-8
Frog:  SB-2
Toko:  LoGG-3
Fujimi:  Sea Harrier
HobbyCraft:  F-89A/B

A very good mix; I am very happy with the selection and price; got 12 kits, all complete and many were sealed for the $98.

I think next time I will ask the RPD to send $100 or so worth of Matchbox kits.   I like them and don't have a great many.

This is a pretty good way to go; all these aircraft will be built as What Ifs, for example perhaps an Argentine F-89.  I can't wait to get started!!

Wes W.


I just opened a few kits, and tucked inside several boxes I found three more:
Airfix Boomerang
Pioneer Yak-15
Airfix G-91

So, a total of 15 kits for $98.00, and a very nice surprise when opening the box!!

Wes W.