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Started by andrewj, June 04, 2010, 11:40:16 PM

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In the mid 1970's the RAF realised a need for a longer ranged air superiority fighter to plug a gap in its capabilities. Whilst the BAC Lightning had been a superb interceptor it had been limited by it's range and by 1975 was showing its age, the Panavia Tornado was in development ,but the ADV variant was not expected to enter service before the early 1980's.  The McD Phantoms were considered, but it was felt that they were needed  in RAFG due to continueing tensions between the west and the eastern bloc.
After receiving demonstrations of several candidate aircraft, it was felt that the F 15A Eagle would be the best aircraft for the RAF's requirement and 100 aircraft were ordered in late 1975, this being considered sufficient to equip four squadrons. Delivered in 1976 ,the "American Eagle" quickly entered service with 11, 25, 29 and 56 squadrons RAF. The name "American Eagle" was chosen to avoid confusion with the BAC Eagle [TSR 2] then in service in the strike role, however, the F15's quickly became irreverently known by crews as the "Bald Eagle".
In 1978 56 squadron decided that one of it's display aircraft should be decorated ,to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the RAF, the aircraft selected was finished in a natural metal/aluminium paint finish and with 56's usual flair received a chequered tail. This aircraft was seen at displays throughout the 1978 season before eventually retuning to a camouflage grey scheme.

Model is the Tamiya 1/48 F15A completed from the box ,colour scheme ,pure fiction.


I like that.  Very nice, and a nice contrast to the camouflaged Eagles also on display here of late (no offense intended to FAR148). 
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whoa! thats real pretty  :wub:
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Martin H

I like it.   There must be something going on thou, most of us seem to gravitate towards 56 sqn for modern RAF whiffs.

We were offered F15A's at a knockdown price in the late 1970's. But we where to far in with the MRCA project to go for it.
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That is a simply stunning looking aircraft. Sets of 56's checkerboard scheme perfectly
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Ed S

Nice Eagle.  Great job on the checkerboard & nose stripes.

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Eddie M.

Outstanding end product. I really like the highly visual presentation. Great work! :mellow:
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Great job, especially on paint  :thumbsup:
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It.... it.... it's... beautiful!  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

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Love that!  Especially the colors over the NMF.  Very eye catching.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Handsome, yep, that's the word. :thumbsup:

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Confuscious (maybe)


Ooooh, that's pretty! :wub: The paintjob reminds me somewhat of the Alcock & Brown Phantom - was that an inspiration?
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Cliffy B

Well now that's just plain awesome!  Very nice, very nice!  :wub:
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Great work - is the tail painted or decals?


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Quote from: GTX on June 05, 2010, 02:46:41 PM
Great work - is the tail painted or decals?



     Thanks everyone for the very kind comments, the tail was masked and painted with a firebird from the Aifix Lightning F6.
    regards Andrew