Type 82E VW Spider

Started by Swanny, May 20, 2010, 05:00:30 PM

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I really had not intended to start another build right now especially with all the stuff on my bench right now; 2 GBs that are getting nowhere, the YB-40 is ready for paint and the new DVD is midway through filming but this simply caught my imagination and that alerted the evil modeling elf. Resistance is futile!

So this is where it all starts .....

And this is the inspiration .....

Here is the basic chassis and body about ready for some paint. The headlights and tail lights have already been drilled out.

Here is the lighting package and a mock-up of one leg. Still have a little design work to do on that leg but basically I will use the aluminum leg structure as my negative ground to the power pack in the base and run a single hot wire up through one of the other legs to power the electronics.

The cabin LED dome was shaved flat then two small holes were drilled into it for the fiber optics. I dropped Future into each hole, inserted the fiber optics then sealed the whole deal with a drop of superglue and accelerator. The residual glow of the LED will provide a dim glow within the cabin and help to light the driver. Oh, and the driver .... stay tuned for more on him. He's going to be something a little different as well.


Some interesting progress today; the driver has been constructed and painted

The interior has been painted gunship gray and the driver is installed. The masking agent has been removed from the interior LED

The exterior has been painted flat black, the clear parts are installed and the body is mounted to the chassis so now seems like a good time for a light check.

The back side of the headlights has not been blacked out yet so that light bleed will go away soon. The first leg has been assembled - boy was that fun, now just seven more to go plus a frame for the chassis.



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 Thats inspired-reminds me of something that might have shown up in a '60s Blackhawk! comic.


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