Oosumi Class LPD conversion ideas

Started by roughneck06, May 06, 2010, 02:03:01 PM

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I thought I'd ask fellow members of the forum about possible Wif conversions using the JMSDF Oosumi LPD

My thoughts right now-

A Cruiser type- mount the island foward and centered. 1 5 in Gun foward and VLS for ESSM, SM-2, other. Harpoon canisters P/S somewhere on the superstructure. 2 76mm guns P/S, Possble TLAM/TSAM ABLs. SH60/ CH47 or V-22 on landing pad.  Multipurpose Cruiser for ASW/ASuW, Sea Control/ possible flag/mothership to deal with those pesky pirates  ;D ( I'd go w/ perhaps a 6 in/155mm gun but I don't have that in my spare parts box)

SCS- ASW/Gunship Helos plus AV-8.

on SCS- leave island in original postion? Move foward or aft????
I figure that if and SCS- do away w/ dock aft- provides some hangar space.

If I'm way off on this- be kind- I am a retired U.S. Army Paratrooper who has had a lifelong love of ships and naval aviation ;D

Looking forward to all comments/suggestions!


I think a more minimum conversion would do the trick quite nice, especially for your anti-pirate/littoral use. 76 mm main guns would be a good choice.   An air wing of @4 Sh-60s, 4 AH-1 Sea Cobras and 2 CH-47 would be good for an anti-piracy role.  If you add harriers (or Joint Stike Fighter if you want to go ahead a few years) fit a ski jump.  Without a ski-jump they could not carry much fuel/weapons.

Personally I would keep the well deck, you could have some cool craft come out of there to give the pirates a real surprise- LCAC's with some guns/missiles (an armed 1/700 LCAC appeared on what if just tonight) or some souped up PT boats. 

A heavily armed version just would not make as much sense (but yes would look cool).  She is after all just a slow amphibious ship.  If you want all those guns and missles it would be better to just have a cruiser/destroyer sail next to her. 

Have fun!

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How about a base ship for riverine forces?  Use the well deck to house a fore mentioned souped up PT boats as well as serve as a maintenance/repair garage.  A neat dio could have several inside being worked on with another large group tied alongside.  Flight deck would serve a pant load of attack helos and transport gunships (MH-60s with the extra drop tanks/Hellfires/cannon packs).  Could make a for a really sweet little spec ops base ships/mini commando ship.

I also like the idea of the OTO 3"/76 guns.  I'd go with the newer SR model, or Super Rapid; 120 rpm effective against subsonic cruise missiles!  Would also turn any pirate skiffs into kindling from over 12 miles away!  Install 2-4 of these, backed up with a pair of Phalanx guns, and maybe a Sea Sparrow launcher or two and you have a nice little defensive screen.

Quoted from NavWeaps:  http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_3-62_mk75.htm

QuoteThe Italian Navy considers the SR to be an effective anti-missile weapon and new ships are being built with this weapon in place of the twin "Fast 40" used on earlier ships in that role.  OTO-Melara estimates that, combined with the Dardo FCS, the SR can begin engaging attacking missiles at about 6,600 yards (6,000 m), with the first rounds arriving on target at 6,000 yards (5,500 m).  With these ranges, a single gun can deal with up to four subsonic sea-skimmer missiles, arriving simultaneously on courses 90 degrees apart, before any reaches 1,100 yards (1,000 m).
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Quote from: sandiego89 on May 06, 2010, 04:55:54 PM
If you add harriers (or Joint Stike Fighter if you want to go ahead a few years) fit a ski jump.  Without a ski-jump they could not carry much fuel/weapons.  

You might also want to make the island narrower.  The Osumi's axial flight deck is reputed as not having enough clearance in width to allow Harriers to do rolling takeoffs even if the material could be replaced with a heat-resistant one.
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Thanks to all for your imput thus far!

I am leaning towards building one to the specs I laid out. As to the comment of having a DDG accompany it for the extra guns/missiles/firepower- I see your point- however, I am thinking that in an anti pirate Op one might see an opportunity to use Tomahawks against Pirate bases- perhaps follow up w/ the embarked Military force go in by Helo/LCAC and finish the place off. Frees up the DDG to do other things. Additionally- that firepower could be useful in other Littoral situations. then again- I might forgo TLAM ABLs, SM-2 VLS and go for ESSM, Harpoon, and add perhaps an adaptation of the Army's MLRS. Keep 1 5 in gun, 2-4 76mm guns, CIWS.

As for a VSTOL capability-hmmm do I understand right- mount 76mm guns and fly Harrier/JSF and Helos??? As to Island width- I may try to build a smaller island and save the original one for another project.

I have two Oosumi kits- I look forward to building them and presenting them to the forum for review/comments.

Additional thoughts/Ideas/ Suggestions are always welcome!


You could go with a full LPD by building a superstructure on the forward third of the flight deck in a similar fashion the Whidbey Island class of UK Albion class LPDs. Possibly with davits and landing craft on superstructure in addition to the LCAC. have the aft part of the superstructure as a hanger for the existing twin spot flight deck over the dock.

Alternately replace the Island with a longer thinner version, plate over the stern dock and extend flight deck over bows to create an SCS although with the JMSDF Hyuga due from both Pitroad & Aoshima in the next few months thats the escort cruiser/scs role already accounted for.

From an assault ship role you could shorten the dock and add a roof to create a hanger deck. then modify as per SCS proposal and have it as an LPH in similar style to RN HMS Ocean or the old Iwo Jima Class which would go well with an existing standard Osumi.

Hope these help


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I've got one of these in my pile o' builds too.  Building a slight ramp on the bow, and was going to move the island back, but stick a smaller island on her (the island that came with the kit is only a placeholder in my pics).

Mockup pics are here.
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