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Started by ChrisF, April 23, 2010, 08:45:22 AM

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...of if a kit of a particular subject exists... How about this one folks ?


The Hawker Tornado.. the failed Choice between it and the Typhoon

Anyone know if a kit exists ?


In 1/72 scale, there's the Maintrack resin conversion, and there's a full resin kit done by LF Resins.  I've got three versions of it, one with the radiator under the cockpit (like a Hurricane), one with the radiator under the nose like in your pic, and the Centaurus powered version.
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It should be relatively easy to kitbash one in other scales if so desired.


All hail the God of Frustration!!!


LF resins seem to be the way forward... Awesome work lads.. :)


I have to revise what I said, first it's LF Models not LF Resins which I usually get from Joe's Models; 


Second, it looks like all there is listed, is the first prototype as it flew originally, with the radiator under the cockpit (BTW, this was how the Typhoon was to have it's radiator too but as the Tornado flew first it discovered the aerodynamic problems related to the positioning of the radiator so the Typhoon went straight to the nose position following the modifications made to the Tornado [just read that not long ago in an Air-Britain publication])

So now I've got to think what are the other two version I have, one I'm sure is a Maintrack conversion and the other might be to.
If I'm not building models, I'm out riding my dirtbike