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Started by Cobra, April 21, 2010, 10:01:05 PM

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Hey Guys, Just Curious to know if there are Any Scale Models of the Hound Dog Missile Available? have a Few ideas but thought i'd ask first. Got inspired by surfing to the Site about Missile Designations. Anyone Aware about if there Are any Hound Dog Missile Models around? thanks for looking. btw, Scale i'm looking for is either 1/48 or 1/72 if possible. Dan


A pair can be found in one of the AMT boxings of their B-52 kit in 1/72. Long OOP but still pop up on the likes of eBay
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Also on 1/144th scale versions of the Buff.

Don't know what scale this is but limited release.
Kit number 002 from Model-Aire International
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I've an Italeri ? 1/200 scale B-52 which has a couple
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I've got the AMT 1/72 B-52G kit with Hound Dogs, I could try and find it in the stash and take some measurements from it.

There used to be an outfit called Golden Dragon Productions who made a set in 1/72 scale, they're called BUFF Master Designs now and they can be found on the Great Models Website.  The listing isn't showing the hound dogs at the moment.  A word of warning though, the character who runs the company hasn't had a good reputation if you go by the talk on ARC, but all the items I bought had been through GMW.

An I've an idea someone here on the forum makes a 1/72 set, but I can't think who it was, possibly TSRJoe ????
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1/144 theres nothing to scale, closest you can get is from the old Minicraft Buff kit . . . Would really love to see a 1/48 Hound dog kit come about!

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