Improvements for Arsenal Ship?

Started by seadude, April 14, 2010, 05:22:00 PM

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A long time ago (2003?), I had built the following for a local contest:
I still have the model and it's in pretty decent condition. I'd like to try and spruce it up with new detail and maybe try to take it to some future contests, but I'm not sure what new additions or deletions I should do? I was thinking of re-painting the VLS hatches to cover up the CGX in white, as well as the American flag symbol.

Anybody got any advice, hints, tips, suggestions, for improvements?
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 Sink me, but I think it looks fine the way it is! If you could see your way to taking a few more pictures,
that might help.


You could add some Phalanx and RAM launchers. And normally, I'd expect a long-range search radar to go with the shorter-range SPY-1. 


You could probably add some mesh squares with a border round on to the superstructure sides for the Gas Turbine intakes.
Remove the anchors and add plastic card hatches in their place to have them more stealhy.

You could plate over the bows to raise them and cover up the anchor capstan and bollard, possibly going as far back as the fwd gun and raising the gun into a semi recessed alcove with a stucture to protect the gun barrel as used on the Zumwalt.

Add a plastic card rail around the superstructure aft of the bride, keeping to the angle of the stucture, then you can add additional clutter around the now protected funnel area for mor sat dishes etc, possibly even semi recessed Phalanx.

Fit a mast atop the bridgem either Burke style or possibly a short stumpy pyramid type structure with a dome radar as per the latest European AA destroyers.

Just some ideas, afterall you have the mpdel to hand an know your buts box, so you'll know what works and what won't.


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Quote from: Hobbes on April 15, 2010, 10:11:01 AM
You could add some Phalanx and RAM launchers. And normally, I'd expect a long-range search radar to go with the shorter-range SPY-1. 

Shorter ranged SPY-1?  Seriously?  They use that thing for ABM duties, can't get more long ranged than that without being an over the horizon doohicky that's land based and takes up a lot of space.
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I made that assumption based on the SPS-49 air search radar present on the Ticonderogas, and the quoted range (SPY-1: 100 nm+, SPS-49: 250 nm+). Then again, the SPS-49 is listed as a secondary sensor, and the Arleigh Burkes don't have a separate air search radar.