Looking for 1/720 Revell Hindenburgs, need a couple.

Started by proditor, April 12, 2010, 10:08:04 AM

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I need two of them, 1/720 scale, but I'd prefer not to spend the upwards of $35 US each being asked by some distributors.

Anyone able to lend me a hand?  And if there are somehow more than 2, I certainly wouldn't shed a tear if the price is right.  Thanks for looking.  :)


Where in the world are you?  Might be able to get them - I can ask, but money is a bit tight these days, so I don't wanna spend much either! :tank:


Apologies, I'm in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. 


Ah, then I suspect it might be cheaper to build them full size, and fly them to you!
Hope you manage to find some stateside, good luck!!


Just re-released in the UK but as Deathjester says...shipping would be silly  :banghead:
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Much appreciated guys, I think I have a line on 2 that won't break me.  Fingers crossed.