Fire/Rescue Vehicles from TV Shows Query

Started by Cobra, April 11, 2010, 05:26:59 PM

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Hey Guys, just wondering if Anyone knows if there Be Any models Available of Fire/Rescue Vehicles from TV Shows like 'Emergency', 'Firehouse',Etc. my Father used to be a Firefighter and I'm considering getting or Converting a Model into a Fire/Rescue Vehicle. Can Anyone give me some Help? thanks for looking.Dan

Cliffy B

Revell makes a Pumper Truck and I've seen it in Michael's Arts and Crafts stores for about $10-15.  I think they call it a "Mack Pumper".  Looks like its MAYBE 70's vintage but I'm far from an expert in that field.
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Eddie M.

They have that same Mack firetruck at Hobby Lobby as well. They have both the snap tite and "real" model in 1/32.
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SSB Resins makes a current 'Squad 51' type rig and some other neat FD stuff.

The Scale Firehouse also has a page with just about every FD type kit made.


I've seen plenty of die-cast fire equipment which could be modified, and I think I've seen an American LeFrance pumper kit somewhere...
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