Gray Wulf ...with a twist

Started by matrixone, April 11, 2010, 04:40:34 PM

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This is a real world aircraft, a Fw 190D-9 built from a 1/48 scale Tamiya kit.

My next four models are what-ifs this D-9 is the last non-whiff I will build for quite a while. ;D

Notice that pesky UFO buzzing the airfield again!




Thanks noxioux!

I do have pics of the upper and the undersurfaces of this model and will post them later.

Here is one more from ground level...



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Stunning that is the only word for it  :bow:
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Absolutely brilliant as usual Matrix..Well done
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The works of a master are always a pleasure to view - Simple as that.

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Confuscious (maybe)

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Quote from: Ian the Hunter-Gatherer on April 12, 2010, 02:53:57 PM
The works of a master are always a pleasure to view - Simple as that.


Ditto! Outstanding work!! :D
Look behind you!


Thanks very much guys!

Here are the top and bottom views of this model, most will notice this Dora has the closed wheel well and the experts will sneer about this but I don't see what all the fuss is about, once my models are finished and on the shelf I rarely (if ever) look at the undersurface.
One thing that I am pleased with is the pre-shading I did on this model, I can just barely see it and you almost can't see it in my pics but its there...and this is how pre-shading should be, you don't want it to be the first thing you notice on a weathered model.

...and here are the last two pics of this model.


Cliffy B

Nice 190 man!  So when are they going to shoot down that pesky UFO and reverse engineer it?  ;D
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Thanks Cliffy B!
There could be a connection between the UFO and my ''secret bomber'' projekt...it might have something to do with time traveling Germans (insert evil laugh here).

All my attention will now be focused on the secret bomber, this model is a real putty hog so progress has been much slower than expected, lots of PSR.



Awesome Job :thumbsup: :thumbsup: You did a Top Notch Paint & Decal Job on the 190! Hope to see More of your Top Notch Work soon! Thanks for posting.  :cheers: :cheers: Dan


Superb model, superbly photographed  - I particularly like the sepia tone ones... :wub: :thumbsup: :bow:
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Thanks Cobra and Weaver!

I appreciate your comments.