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DC-3 Ski

Started by Eddie M., March 17, 2010, 09:20:50 PM

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Eddie M.

The latest finishes project to come off the bench. My 2nd entry in the Let It Snow GB. The DC-3 Ski. :party:

Look behind you!

Jeffry Fontaine


Nice work.  I am sure Brian will be pleased to see this.
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Awesome Job :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Really looks Nice,Shiny, and Well Painted!!!!!! Keep up the Great Work!!!!!!!! :cheers: :cheers:Dan


Nice work as always!
Get this Cheese to sick bay!


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Wow! Never thought this old Revell kit would look so fine!

Brian da Basher

At American (Polar) Airlines, there sure as shootin' is "Something Special" in the air...Eddie's DC-3 Ski! Wow bright as a new penny, sharp as a tack and hotter that Houston in July!!!

Outstanding, Eddie! You sure can build 'em!
:wub: :wub:
Brian da Basher

John Howling Mouse

I commented on the GB thread but just saw this again (here) and am still amazed.  Really evokes the feel for the era, Eddie.
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