Captured "Kondorubutai" J1N1 in spanish republic service

Started by rafi, March 14, 2010, 06:49:27 AM

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Hi to all,

Like all people know, the spanish civil war finished in January 1946 with the victory of the republican side. After the government of the spanish free fighters broke alliance with the russian red fascist Stalin, a wave of international brigadists joined the republic like the pilot of this aircraft, an americain volunteer, or the other crew member, a german from Bavaria. This aircraft, a captured "kondorubutai" (japanese condor legion) J1N1, now in service of the spanish republic, is ready to fight till the victory...

I hope you like,



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Lovely job there Rafi, and nice to see a Republican aircraft that isn't an I-16 for a change!
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Ed S

Very nice.  A well done camo pattern.   I like the idea of leaving the panel off showing the upward firing gun. 

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Whatever, it's a nice job!!
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That is just excellent, really looks the part! Had to do a double take to realize it was a Gekko  :wub:
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Very nice very clean and very impressive.

Looks like it belongs in those markings! Great whif thanks for sharing :cheers:
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