A Bitza Spitfire Floatplane....1/72

Started by Spellbinder99, March 13, 2010, 08:56:24 PM

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Here is one I have been fiddling with for a while, a 1/72 scale Spitfire VC Floatplane.

Yes, I am well aware that the real aircraft only came in Mk Vb and Mk IX versions but this is a bit of a fun WIF and I like the Vc better than the Vb!
The basic kit is the Hobbyboss Vb which is actually quite a nice model IF you ignore the prop, the canopy, the undercarriage, the basic cockpit and the decals.
To that I added a Red Roo Vc conversion of wing bulges and oil cooler, the belly slipper tank from an Italeri Mk V, the prop from a Special Hobby PR Spit, the floats, wheel well blanking plates and modified rudder and fin from an Eastern Express Spitfire Floatplane and the cannon  and canopy from an Airfix Mk Vc. Some putty and rescribing and this is where we are.

The canopy is not fitted right now as I have yet to paint the cockpit, but the Airfix part fits pretty well after some carefull trimming.

You can see here where the canopy rail has been cut away, but when fitted the sliding canopy sits where it should.

Points to note are that the Eastern express floats are very nice with quite good engraving, but the fin and rudder are very thick, the one fitted has been filed down to about half its original thickness. The blanking plates EE provide fit perfectly in the Hb wheel wells and need only a smear of filler to seal the wells. I just need to paint the cockpit and fair in the canopy (which fixes the grotesque look of the HB canopy) and I can think of a paint job.

A late war RAAF NorthWest Australia patrol aircraft perhaps?



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ive always been fond of spitfires, nice one  :wub:
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Looking good ---- don't forget there was a MK.I too, it got as far as sea trials but because they didn't go very well it never flew.

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