completely mad B36 battleship from 1960!

Started by van883, March 12, 2010, 11:35:47 PM

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From the Life Magazine Image Archives hosted by Google Here is a link to the larger image



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Jeffry Fontaine

Definitely an odd looking WHIF.  It looks like it has the nose of a B-52 and there is part of a submarine on top of the battleship parts.  The wing tip gun turrets are interesting. 
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...and even the pylon mounted jets have pylon mounted jets!  :o
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What did someone here say?  Oh yeah.  That's mad as a box of frogs.
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I wonder which bits are Army and Marines?  I'm guessing the USJF is US Joint Forces or something similar, going off the Navy and Air Force corners. 


At least they got the Stars and Bars the right way.
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