F-104 Zwilling Idea

Started by Cobra, March 12, 2010, 09:55:59 PM

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Hey Guys, just had a Wild Idea:What If the USAF tried a Zwilling based on the F-104 to Create a Super CAS Platform???????? The idea Struck me while i was use the search Function here. What say You on the Idea?? thanks for looking. Dan


Not so sure the F-104 would be best for that thought the idea of a zwilling F-104 is tempting. The 104 was pretty dangerous to fly low down in it's real world form, I can't imagine how much more dangerous it might be in zwilling form.

If I were to make a zwilling of a jet for CAS missions, I'd seriously look at doing it to an A-37 Dragonfly. It could haul a lot of rockets and iron for such a small aircraft, a zwilling version of it would probably be quite devastating.
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Someone in UK has done a Twinned F-104 (F-208?) already, and I'm sure there are some piccies on here somewhere, even if just shots taken at a show rather than a complete build description.

Anyone else recall that?
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Yes, I'd considered a number of triple F-104s based on a number of concepts...

A twin-seater placed centrally and highter than the two single-seat but no pilot airframes.
A twin-seater and two single-seat airframes arranged in a triangular formation, used as a Vertical take off aircraft.
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There's been a few done:


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Reminds me of the Vickers Type 582 (Integrated Power with the twin fuselage).

I like the idea. Might look out for a couple of Italeri kits.....



If you removed the cockpit from one of the fuselages (starboard side), it would be possible to have lots more fuel for either a long range interceptor or a reconnaissance version. You could also probably put in a bigger dish into the starboard fuselage – Phoenix armed??

Or you could have a strike version with a small internal bay in one fuselage (starboard side??).