Junkers Ju 87S `Bodenkampfflug Dusenfugzeug`

Started by tc2324, March 12, 2010, 02:27:13 AM

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Taken from my thread on the updates and finished builds thread, and when finished, submitted for this GB for your consideration. :cheers:

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Looks wonderful and can't wait to see the color scheme you'll choose for this bird.
Allan in Canberra


Man that looks great! As someone who is always trying to turn props into jets and make it look natural, you have come up with a real winner. The dual cannons up front really hide the spinner and the over the wing top engines are brilliant as well  :cheers: ....And of course the T-tail!!
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Full backstory submitted to the completed Alt Luftwaffe thread. Here are a few colour pics of said Stuka....

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Interesting combination.  Putting the engines above the wings really helps the looks.  Well Done.

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Quote from: corsair220 on March 17, 2010, 09:41:52 AM
Why the radiator?

If you read the backstory the radiator was kept as a way of keeping the 37mm cool as they now had more ammunition to expend....., and also to keep the beers cool.. ;D

Thanks for the comments guys. Was my first kit bash ever so I`m glad I did ok. :thumbsup:
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I read of a unit in WWII at a Pacific island where they were living in tents and didn't have any refrigeration capabilities.  Well, they had managed to trade for some beer but it wasn't cold at all, so they loaded the cases of beer into a bomb bay, flew up a few thousand feet for a little bit, then landed and everyone got cold beer.




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A jet with spats and a T-tail and two BFGs (Big Freakin' Guns)!

What's not to love?

I love it all!
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