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Started by tigercat2, March 09, 2010, 12:46:53 PM

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In doing a bit of research on various roundels, I have noticed that some countries' markings are very close to some others.  Are there any aircraft roundels that are identical - the exact same for two or more countries?

Thanks very much for the answer.

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Hum... France and Paraguay (small difference with the blue but same shape and colors)
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The Netherlands and Czech are quite similar.  They both use a circle made of three triangular sections of red, blue & white.  Very easy to confuse.  Fortunately, they don't fly the same kinds of a/c.
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Ah. I've forget Salvador and Greece. :)
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Individual country listings for Roundels of the World link to similar/identical markings.


Quote from: Slerski on March 09, 2010, 12:55:20 PM
Ah. I've forget Salvador and Greece. :)

Add in Argentina with those two, all slightly different shades of blue, otherwise identical.

WWII & immediate post war, several commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) carried exactly the same roundel as the UK.  South Africa had an orange centre instead of red, otherwise identical.  Centre devices were changed post war to differentiate, but colours remained the same.

Belarus carries exactly the same red star as Russian aircraft.  Mongolia also uses the same star, with a pictogram overlaid.

South Vietnam used a variation of the US roundel, only with a red outline & red/yellow bars.

UK & Cost Rica are pretty much identical, except Costa Rica has a legend around the blue outer ring.

Several arab nations use very close variations on the same roundel, Egypt, Syria, some others but can't remember who (apo's link shows it's Yemen & a past roundel of Libya).

Turkey & Peru are identical.
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Thanks very much for this great info.  So, if there was an operation involving Turkish and Peruvian aircraft, it would be hard to tell the difference!!

Wes W.


Turkey changed to the present roundel from the earlier square due to confusion with the red star of the USSR/Russia.


Don't forget Montenegro & Japan (round red ball, but montenegro has a gold ring around their red ball), kinda odd as Montenegro declared war on Japan in support of Russia in the Russo-Japanese war...

& due to history, Montenegro forgot...
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FA Peruana = Turchia AF (Turkey)
Romania AF = FA du Chad
AMI (Italy) = Burundi
Old Seychelles marking = AMI bassa visibilità (Italian AF low visibility marking)
Cameroun=PR of Congo=Ghana=Guinee
Estonia AF is very similar to Botswana AF

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Romanian and spanish republic roundels are very similar.


A number of Central American countries use light blue and white like El Salvador. A lot of them also use a fin flash with horizontal blue-white-blue bands: they're differentiated by little badges/crests in the middle of the white band, but from 20ft away, they're indistinguishable.
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