Jet powered go-kart

Started by Ollie, March 29, 2004, 03:54:43 PM

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Check this out guys, this is crazy!!

Watch out for the afterburners!!!

Jet go-kart

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Captain Canada

Man, that's SICK !

Looks a wee bit dangerous, eh ?


gimme a two-stroke anyday !
CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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I wonder if I could mount a few of those on my car?
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It looks like those turbojets have got electric starters on them. Wonder where they got them from. Anyone with a huge wallet can buy a small turbojet intended for RC use but I didn't know they came with electric starters.

Anyone remember the Scrap Heap Challenge where they built a pulsejet powered dragster? That seriously kicked donkey. :rolleyes:  


To quote Neo from the Matrix-



Oh that is WAY COOOOOOOOOL......How about a scaled up version, with bigger engines of course, blasting down the M4 or up the M1????.....
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I reckon gas turbines are the way to go. Consider the Flymo, saddled with heavy, dirty two-stroke engines or dragging a 30m cable behind it. Surely a small turboshaft would be better? It would also make mowing the lawn a kick donkey experience.

Engineering is all about jet engines. If it hasn't got jet engines I don't give a rat's donkey.


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I wonder what would happen if Evan and his chums started working on a jet-powered go-kart?
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The Democrats would get elected and cancel the project.
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