MIG 19/Thai markings finished!!!!!!!!&

Started by Allan, March 28, 2004, 11:05:55 PM

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Dear What If brothers,
It's finished and I'll have photos as soon as I can.
What If will take priority over any other modelling site.
Allan in Canbera


You're doing it again!!!!!!!

Tease!  :P  
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Must of been a woman in a previous life
:P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  
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Just send me a free digital camera and you'll have the snaps that much earlier.


on't you think he's pushing the teasing a bit now!!!!!!??????
Ahh sod digital, use good old 35mm get the pics onto CD and upload 'em from there.
(What makes you think I have a crap little digital???)
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Yes I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But everything comes to he who waits.

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Ditto on the "Tease" comment, Allan.



Oh well, at least you have something completed which you can photograph!
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Thanks a heap for putting my snap, the one with me in shaving foam, on the web site.
Yeah, I know all of us are drooling to see shots of our work so I'll be a stoic and put up with all the cheap jibes. I don' really mind.
I get pretty anxious to have a squizz too at times.
What's all this about Mr Surfacer being the magic elixer of modelling? I found that it was really hard to remove with acetone nail polish remover AND denatured alcohol. We bought a new bottle of Vermouth (dry if you must know and it goes just great with lemonade and a slice of lime) last night so might try that and the metho I've borrowed from a pal. Better try to not mix them up!