Varnish and Canopy Fogging

Started by Silverfox, February 10, 2010, 12:14:00 PM

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I had a a check on the other canopy-related threads for this particular issue, but couldn't see any reference to it - but my particular bugbear comes in that I was spraying a coat of varnish onto my model, and as it was drying, it has apparently fogged up the main canopy, which is a bugger.

I use Citadel Matt Varnish for my models (as it's easy to get hold of in my locale), and I didn't suffer any problems with it on my last project related to canopies, so it's strange it's had this effect this time.
Also, I don't use any Future, as I haven't got any, nor can find any nearby. I also understand that the formula has now changed, and it's no longer any use for modelers?

Anyhow, I happen to have a spare canopy, so I'll do a swap, but I wondered if anyone has any insight as to what's happened?

Ed S

There are several possibilities.  If you used an acrylic varnish, it could be moisture.  Try heating the canopy; a hair dryer set on low should work.  Just don't overheat and distort it.  Or it could be some defective varnish.  That happens occasionally.  If you can strip it with alcohol or ammonia based window cleaner, that might be your best bet.  You could also try buffing it.  A paper towel might have sufficient abrasiveness to buff off the varnish.  If this doesn't work, your last resort may be to lightly sand it with a very fine grit and then polish the canopy to return the shine.

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Moisture seems like a likely culprit, as it's freezing cold here, and I do my spraying in the garage. It's very easy certainly for moisture to accumulate in the air in there, so I might try heating it under a lamp or hairdryer, and see what occurs.
If that doesn't work, I'll give buffing it a try and see what happens - especially since I've got a spare!


I can only offer one piece of advice - leave the canopy off untill the varnshing is done!


Or mask it & don't take the tape off until after varnishing.
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Mossie & Deathjester - that's my plan from now on! or variations on the two, anyway. When I varnish it after decalling, I'm going to mask off the canopy to avoid repeat problems!


Quote from: Mossie on February 11, 2010, 03:25:17 AM
Or mask it & don't take the tape off until after varnishing.

Thats the way I do it and it usually works a treat.
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