De Schelde

Started by NARSES2, January 19, 2010, 07:51:26 AM

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No real back story to this, just brought the development of the aircraft forward a year.

De Schelde S.21 of the Netherlands AF circa May 1940.

"The few De Scheldes that had been delivered by the time of the German invasion of the Low Countries were relative effective against German bombers and in the ground attack role, particularly with their 20mm Masden canon which proved particularly destructive both against bombers and light armour. However German air superiority soon marked the end of this brief aerial resistance and the remaining aircraft were destroyed on the ground to prevent capture. One however was captured and tested by the German's, whist another escaped to the UK and was tested at Boscombe Down for some time before being broken up for scrap"

Model is the RS Models one in 1/72 which is a nice little build, although there are some fiddly bits. I've abandoned the 4 7.92mm mg's that were fitted to fire through the cockpit glazing on the real aircraft on the grounds that they would have filled the cockpit with gun gasses (in reality I couldn't face drilling 4 holes in the canopy). They have been replaced with 2 wing mounted 12.5mm mg's. The 20mm gun was movable in the ground attack role and fixed in the air-to-air role in real life. I can kind of understand that but still think it would be to much of a workload on the pilot in the GA role ?

Paints are a mixture of Tamiya and Lifecolour (they don't really like each other) for the camo and a whole host of other brands for various bits. National markings are from the kit (they supply these, the neutrality triangles and some German ones used on a captured machine). The numerals are from the spares box.

If you want to see the "British" one then pop over to Mike McEvoy's "Grumpy Old Modeller" site. It's in the vaults  ;D

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Great build Chris!  The S-21 has in been thoughts recentely, it fit between my current projects.  The Fokker D.XXIII is a twin boom & Dutch of course, the Airacuda was also a bomber destroyer.  In fact, this looks pretty much like one the cannon 'pods' on the YFM-1 given wings, a kind of 'Airacuda lite'. ;D
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Well done Chris. The pilot must have felt very vulnerable when diving towards a ground target...

Captain Canada

What ? Am I missing something ? That's a real aeroplane ? First I've ever heard of it !

Very well done, Chris. The colours look awesome, and I wonder what the Germans would think of neutrality triangles as they're being shot up !?

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Never knew of this little bird until today - very cute little machine I have to admit.  Well done on the work, Narses - she's very cool.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.

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That's some excellent work, NARSES! You've got some serious painting skill which only enhances the unique look of this bird!
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Very nice Chris :thumbsup:
I keep looking at one of these on ebay, simply because it is such a fascinating looking wee beastie, and the shape intrigues me.
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Thanks Gents

Don't be put off by the "limited run" nature of RS Models injected kits. They are nice, need a little extra work but you get stuff you wouldn't otherwise see  ;D Like a lot of the smaller manufacturers their quality gets better all the time  :thumbsup:
Do not condemn the judgement of another because it differs from your own. You may both be wrong.


I dream this plane in 1/144 scale... very beautiful


[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]