One for the Soviet Carrier Build

Started by Geoff_B, March 21, 2004, 01:02:44 PM

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Done an East German Carrier capable Su-22 for those glorious communist cruises aboard Sovietski Soyuz. The question is what smaller soviet Air to surface missiles were avaible upto 1980 ?, or do i stick to rockets pods & bombs ?

This is a stock Su-17 kit with large single nose wheel replaced by a twin one from an Su-15 and a Tail hook added (dead simple eh  :D )


Thorvic B)


Hiya Geoff, its looking really good... although my initial thoughts were turning toward a Su.22T with torpedo armament...howsabout the neat little AS.7 'Kerry' asm.? (earliest piccies i have on file are from the 1967 Domevdeo air display? which had two Ka.25 Hormone's armed with mockups of these?)

Possible sources for these would be the ICM. weapons set, or possibly one of the later Su.22/24 kits? (or even a modification of the inaccurate Bullpups in the Matchbox A.4 Skyhawk, as i did years ago for my Mig 27!)

cheers, joe  :ph34r:

ps. yip got back last night...managed to aquire lots of drawings too...!  :ar:  
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Thorvic, sweeeet!

How did I miss this earlier! :blink:

A nice looking jet in standard camo it looks great in Naval Camo.

Captain Canada

Looking good !

I've got the Dragon Su-24 kit in 72nd scale that has a whole whack of AS missiles of different types...want one ?

Cheers !

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Geoff, that is sweet!  :wub:

I got a stack of missiles with my Italeri KA-52, no idea what they are though  :wacko: If you know, you're welcome to any of em.
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Su-17, Su-17... Aha! Metal planes by Skywave!

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