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CAO 700

Hi,  a 2009 building: The Lockheed Model 322 based on the Lockheed P.38 Airfix kit.

This aircraft was exported to England without turbochargers. Finally, the R.A.F. wasn't interested because of total inadaptation to western european fights.

France was intersted too but never received the aircrafts because of the Armistice.

My what-il model is a french Aircraft at the Lockheed factories at Burbank.

Under the sun of California:

Beautiful planes are french! (Amiot 143, for example...ugh!)


Excellent, it's a vast subject that interests me, the french what if represent a big list


That is one very nice and clean P-38 you have there  :thumbsup:
Very nice.
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John Howling Mouse

Looks so clean!  How come MY models never look that clean?  Nice job.   :wub:
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Ooh, shiny!

Very nice and clean, CAO - it really makes you wonder what might have happened had the armistice happened slightly later.
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Brilliant stuff  :bow:- I'm still scared stiff of natural metal finishes at 57  :banghead:
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Beautiful silver finish b)  Perhaps they could equip a Free French squadron in Britain?
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CAO 700

Hi, thank you veru much! I've got other ideas about "reasonable" what-if like this one!
Beautiful planes are french! (Amiot 143, for example...ugh!)


A very nice-looking French Lightning!
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Brian da Basher

Looks sleek and very dangerous! At first, I thought it might be the famous P-38 flown by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, author of The Little Prince. The clean (and flawless!) NMF really fits early W.W. II and your seamless modification make this beauty a real show-stopper!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Brian da Basher