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Started by Cobra, December 27, 2009, 10:54:48 PM

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Hey guys, Just Curious to know if there Are Any Models of Barrage Balloons are Available????? was Playing 'Secret Weapons over Normandy', in a Tutorial Mission, i had to Shoot down Barrage Balloons & it made me Wonder if There are Any out there. i'm looking for 1/72,1/48, or Whatever Scale that they might be in. Can Anyone help??? thanks for Looking. Dan


Umpteen years ago Formaplane made a 1/72 vacform WWII barrage baloon, and in a moment of madness I bought one.

It was pretty huge, badly moulded (as in both halves were DIFFERENT diameters...) and very VERY brittle for some reason. After a short life it broke, but I can't say I was that sad.

As Formaplane are long gone I doubt there's much hope of finding one, but you never know.......
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There are WWI Kite Balloons available in 1/144 scale from Skytrex. Set inc.s balloon, basket and winch lorry and a set of 2 mobile AA guns is available to go with it.

They also plan a 1/144 P-Type Zeppelin at £195 !

Both are currently on their "front page"

They are having problems with compatability with MS Explorer V.8 at the moment so you will need to open somme other way until Jan


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How about making one?  If you can find a childs miniature rugby ball/ American football, and papier mâché over it so it's smooth, that would approximate a WW2 barrage balloon....happy hunting!!


I have the plans for one in 1/72 out of the Airfix RAF vehicles book, can e-mail if you want one, let me know.
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Glencoe do a "US Navy Blimp" which is a K Class airship from the 30's.  It's 1/330 & should work out reasonably well for a 1/72 Barrage Ballon with a little bit of conversion work to the tail.
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Quote from: thedarkmaster on December 28, 2009, 04:57:12 AM
I have the plans for one in 1/72 out of the Airfix RAF vehicles book, can e-mail if you want one, let me know.

I would like a copy please.
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'matador models' did a WW2 british type barrage balloon and support vehicles in resin a few years ago, i think it might stil be avaliable too

cheers, joe
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