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Started by Freightdog862, December 18, 2009, 12:26:00 PM

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Hello chaps, thought you might like to see some progress on the new resin 1/72nd EAP kit, due out hopefully in March 2010. The masters are virtually complete, just need surface detail added. Decals and etch artwork is drawn, and it all looks rather nice. Here's some of the cockpit parts to give you an idea of the detail we have managed to capture, leaps and bounds beyond the earlier kits mastered by Anigrand;


Needless to say, this kit is completely newly mastered, and is not based on the earlier Pegasus injection moulded release.  The canopy has been mastered to be cast in clear resin, but Im swaying towards it being a female vacform part, as success rate with clear resin is not good. Hope you like it.



Martin H

ohhhh now theres posh! (as my welsh great aunt would say)

at last! A decent EAP kit is on the cards :) Thanks for showing us the bits Colin.

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wow Colin
my wife will be calling me again when i get that one
always wanted a good EAP to make the last true UK fighter aircraft a operational EAP "spitfire 2"

one question will the tail be part of the rear fuselage or will we be able to make the twin tail with out a lot of cutting and engraving?
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Have to say that looks a real class product Colin - well done.
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Green Dragon

Very impressive Colin, looks a good'un! Are you including any what-ify decals/schemes?

Paul Harrison
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Great work there Colin :thumbsup:looking very nice indeed.





Quote from: Green Dragon on December 20, 2009, 03:21:56 AM
Very impressive Colin, looks a good'un! Are you including any what-ify decals/schemes?

Paul Harrison

Hi Paul,
No whif decals planned, decals do include the cheat line (in two parts), obvious tail logo and markings for the Sky Flash and Asraam missiles, plus the Paris (?) Airshow display number (203), stenciling and a 'Fly Navy' zap that was carried at some point!
The etch parts consist of mainly missile fins and blade aerials etc.
Wing and lower fuselage (including main u/c bay details) are one part, with air intake including nose wheel bay (illustrated) locking into place under the single piece forward fuselage.
Retail price not set yet but I'm aiming for around £30 which is not bad for resin, etch. pewter and screen printed decals. The kit has been mastered by Alan Southcombe, the man behind the recent Alicat Jindivik, Canberra and Meteor conversion sets, Alan is a professional model maker by trade and it shows! He has also done the decals for this one (he created his own range of Fineline decals a good few years back).




Quote from: Scooterman on December 20, 2009, 08:57:27 AM

Desert pink Mig Killer, Firebirds OCU, and 111sqn for a start. :wub:
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Steel Penguin

i may be lured in to this one at that price, though ill need a 1:72 11 year old to climb on it, as it was all over the BAC new letters when i was growing up.
hhhhhmm how do you put sticky hand prints on the screen at that scale.
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wow, its like freefalling into the Geofront
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I am seriously waiting for this beauty to be released. I can see about 3 or 4 in my stash, despite the cost.
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Colin, could any of the parts be used to 'enhance' the old injection kit ? seems a pity to waste the kit I have.
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Quote from: kitnut617 on December 30, 2009, 08:27:56 AM
Colin, could any of the parts be used to 'enhance' the old injection kit ? seems a pity to waste the kit I have.
Considering that I've got three of them sitting in the southern remote stash, that's a question I'm definitely interested in, too.  I'd figured to build one as a 'stock" EAP, one as an operatonal one (thinking 74 Sqdn markings), and one in raspberry ripple.
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