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but I would counter that there is modelling and then there is this:

Remember all those days spent with plastic cement glue (leaving fingerprints on the kit!) and Humbrol paint?  Clearly this is where we were going wrong!!!

P51 Mustang:


Using a tweezers, the controls can be moved. All cables and linkages are in place to work the wing control surfaces as well. Young Park has since carved a pilot's face and hands from solid aluminum and built an articulated pilot to sit in the cockpit. (Photo: George F. Lee, Honolulu Star-Bulletin)

Here's  pic of fingers and tweezers to give scale......... Sooooo small!!!

Remember this as you look at the pics........... All the controls work as designed, by cables, chains, linkages and levers.

All these controls WORK!!!!!........ And that means they work the parts of the aircraft via rods and chains as in the original aircraft!!!!

Every single part hand made and fitted.

It blows you away, doesn't it???

Don't forget the tiny scale......... go up again and look at the pic of the fingers and tweezers!

Machine guns and bullets.........

Detail of three .50 Cal. machine guns and ammo cans. Ammo cans are loaded outside the aircraft and then simply set into place in the wing. Their doors become the top surface of the wing. This allowed for rapid reloading by the ground crew.

Mr. Park generously donated the first (cutaway) Corsair model to the Joe Martin Foundation. It can be seen in person in its display at the Foundation's museum in the Sherline building in Vista , California . A collection of photos showing how the model was built and all the historical data on the Corsair Mr. Park collected to build it has also been donated and is available for viewing. In 2005, Mr. Park also donated the second corsair and it is also now on display in the Foundation's museum.

Showing the extent of his carving skills, Mr. Park sculpted a pilot's head and hands out of solid aluminum. The articulated figure is dressed in a custom made uniform and can be placed in any position to give a good sense of scale to the model.

Inside the left wing you can see the .50 cal ammunition threaded into the three wing guns. Each round is machined in 3 parts—brass cartridge with copper bullet and primer and is held together with a small copper feed jacket.

engine exhaust ports....... pic taken during assembly

Control wires are being threaded around their pulleys underneath the cockpit during construction.

The radiator air intake sits under the fuselage ready for installation. Much of the detail of some of the parts is hidden once it is assembled.

The wing being made.............. LOOK how SMALL it is

Each panel is hand formed over a wooden shape. The metal is annealed to the proper softness and then pounded and bent into shape. The plane is made up of many individual panels, and the fits between panels are just about perfect.

Here we see the panel above in it's final position. Looks easy now, doesn't it?

The form for the air intake and the final part. As is often the case in machining and model making, fixtures, moulds, formers and jigs to make the final parts can take a long time to make and are never seen by the public viewing the finished model.

Any else coming knitting???


All hail the God of Frustration!!!


Where's the smiley for a dropping jaw! Those are WORKS OF ART! That is DEDICATION.

Thanks for sharing

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You get the feeling if you could find a pilot small enough, they'd fly.

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Absolutely incredible..................  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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This is INSANE!!!

This man is not just an artist, he is a genius!


Thats not modelling, thats engineering ;)
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 I know I've seen some of this before, but its still amazing. I can admire it without having the desire to emmulate


AAARG! I shall go and sooth my feelings of inadequacy by painting miniatures...
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Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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Holy bloody mackrel!!! That has got to be some of THE finest work I have ever seen!!! The man is a true MASTER!
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I find myself speechless.

I have to wonder how many hours it takes him to build a Mustang verses how many man hours went into building a real one.

Even if I had the time and the tools, I don't believe I could turn out something so fantastically detailed.

And the winner is...
Getting back into modeling


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And the winner is...

No worry, he's not on this forum, so he doesn't qualify for the Whiffies!!!  ;D


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And the winner is...

No worry, he's not on this forum, so he doesn't qualify for the Whiffies!!!  ;D

Next thing you know, he will be posting them on the forum... ;D