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Sikorsky SXL

Started by Brian da Basher, December 05, 2009, 12:08:56 PM

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Brian da Basher

Recently Sqaudron was having a fire sale and let some kits go real cheap. I took the opportunity to add a few to the stash, including a 1/144 Boeing 377 which should look like this:

Of course, mine would come out a little different...

Brian da Basher

Brian da Basher

I replaced the kit wings with those from two 1/32 Piper Cubs and the tail is leftover from an Airfix Boeing Clipper flying boat. The engine nacelles were cut from three spare 1/72 drop-tank halves and the cowlings were from two 1/144 DC-3s. Toothpicks were used for the struts and the props and spatted landing gear are white metal from Aeroclub. Here's a couple of shots after the first coat or two of paint.

Brian da Basher


I don't know what it is about your builds mate but they all look so good, you really inspire me with the way you bash those kits together.  ;D  ;D  ;D
Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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Brian da Basher

During the late 1920s, Stout Airlines grew to become one of the largest carriers serving the Detroit-Cleveland-Chicago run and by the 1930s was in need of a larger aircraft to replace its aging fleet of Fokker Trimotors.

Sikorsky Aircraft came to the rescue and came up with a revolutionary new design which could carry 80 passengers. The new aircraft was powered by six engines and after successful flight tests, was christened the SXL (Sikorsky Extra Large). As the new aircraft required a total of 68 spark plugs, salesmen for the Champion Spark Plug Co. called the new airliner the "Meal Ticket".

An aside to this story is a bit of industrial spying on Sikorsky by Boeing, who stole plans for the revolutionary new fuselage and twin-rudder tail. Unfortunately for Boeing, Igor made those plans in his native Russian and it took them years to translate them and put them to use.

The SXL entered service in 1933 and was even pressed into military service during W.W. II. After the war, all SXLs were replaced by newer aircraft and scrapped. The only one to survive is this travel agent's desk model.

Brian da Basher

Brian da Basher

The entire model was brush-painted by hand with acrylics, Model Masters Primer Gray mostly. The Stout Airlines livery is from a sheet for the classic Ford Trimotor kit. Rigging was done with some of this wonderful plastic wire courtesy of Jeffry Fontaine.

Brian da Basher

Brian da Basher

With work entering the busy season, this project took me the last three weeks to put together. I hope you enjoy it and get a chuckle from the pics and backstory.

Brian da Basher


All hail the God of Frustration!!!


mad as a box of frogs!..........i like it  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: nice job
.............hes a very naughty boy!
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For a while you had me worried there Brian......

It took EIGHT photos before I saw signs of a spat, but at last sanity was restored.  :lol:

What an inventive brain and well tuned hands you have, love the SXL to bits!
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Kit's Rule 2) The backstory can always be changed to suit the model

...and I'm not a closeted 'Take That' fan, I'm a REAL fan! :)



It looks so right BdaB, and the backstory is right up there.
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What an amazing project! You make it sound so simple to build, yet I'm sure you're being modest here...  :thumbsup:

The story behind the SXL is wacky but very enjoyable... Makes me appreciate the model even more!


Ha! Another excellent one - well done sir!  :thumbsup:
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Brilliant Stuff Brian,

Looks so as it was rather than if it was.




I like this Brian, very nostalgic,
You will have to do some black and white pics of it, on a dio.
That would look very cool
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Brilliant. 'nuff said!  :thumbsup: