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Started by Scooterman, November 28, 2009, 08:21:04 PM

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Would you like to see a section in the Forum for Real World subjects?

Sure, Why Not
15 (46.9%)
Take a Leap, Scooterman!!
17 (53.1%)

Total Members Voted: 29

Voting closed: December 05, 2009, 08:21:04 PM


Yes I know what this site is about.   ;D  However there are a few of us that time to time build real world subjects (GASP!!! :o ) and I thought it might be cool to have an non-whif section.  No on-line builds, no links, just a display area for our RW projects. 

So to make this as diplomatic as possible, I thought I'd place a poll to see how the general populous feels about it.

All of this is just a thought, nothing more.


Personally I see no reason to segregate real world projects in thier own section. They can (and already do) share the normal categories.
There are no good kits, bad kits or grail kits, just kitbash fodder.

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This is a good idea! I build more real planes than what-if. I will show you. Oh, and I'm french and I'm new here ;D
Beautiful planes are french! (Amiot 143, for example...ugh!)


Nice idea but NO.

The focus of this forum is What-If modelling, once you establish mainstream real world build section then there is a strong chance the real world  stuff could eventually overwhelm the Whif aspect and things turn into another ARC, Hyperscale etc.

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QuoteNice idea but NO.

I agree, don't do the other sites as their  " atmosphere " is not for me , and i just wouldn't want anything to change this one......it's not broken so let's not try to fix it  ;D ;D ;D
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Doing What If modeling sets us apart. We have a great brotherhood here that respects the real stuff in the finished projects section. That's not the case for What If on real world sites. That being said, the craft of What If is rare. In Atlantic Canada there might be three guys doing it. It's not mainstream and if we suddenly get into mainstream we water down the effect. It's taken me four years to have my work accepted at my club and even then I am forced to offer 'paper' projects and not some of the weird stuff we de here. I still get laughed at for it, but my stuff is presented right along side the USAF F-16 block 60 in grey...
There are amazing sites out there already dedicated to the real world of scale modeling. Let's not aim to emulate them. Let's keep plugging to make the craft of What If something to respect, not snicker at.

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I'd say no. If anything though, a small subforum in the current and finished projects section. Quite a few us us already post R/W subjects in there anyhow ;D



Voted, but torn really.  I've thought about making the same suggestion in the past, but as a few have already said, there's plenty of 'real world' outlets for non-whif subjects in the - gulp! - real world.  Noce to have something focussed with a distinct character of its own, which is what this forum is about.  Happy to go with the final result, though.   ;D ;D
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I am for it.
We must have all at some time built something RW.
Where else did we start modelling.
If anyone does not want to be associated with that kind of thing, do not post.
Anonimity - absolutely not. Do not be ashamed if you build RW.
WE ARE ALL ------ MODELLERS! :thumbsup:

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This has been my problem as the last two projects ive worked on were RW and while i would like to show them off to you guys i understand that thats just not what we do here... this shouldnt become "just-another" forum..

Agreed with "If it aint broke dont fix it" comment whole-heartedly....   :blink:


Well, I voted for this, and I agree completely with JayBee's comments..

I think that it's a really good idea and I don't understand the level of um, well, err - - - hostility, almost, in the "no" posts.

If I understand Scooterman's proposal, he's merely suggesting a showcase thread for finished real-world builds - no build threads, no in progress shots, no discussion. It's difficult to understand how this could lead to the site being overwhelmed by real-world builds, much less turning into ARC or Hyperscale. And it also seems to suggest a certain lack of confidence in the membership of the Forum - I mean, who's going to be doing all this real-world swamping?


Personally, I don't think a separate section is justified. Just use the current Aircraft/Ships/Armour/etc sections.
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im kinda new round here......and im kind of torn between the options............when i found the place it was cos it was different from other sites that appealed and id hate to see it become just another modelling site...i dislike most of the larger sites cos they are too far up their own arses!...i like the laid back atmosphere here..........but.....i build more RW, im only just starting out on whifs......so i think it would be nice to have a single thread to showcase RW stuff............any more threads than that would detract from the feeling of the place

and i see lots of nice work by people on here...........be a shame to miss out on seeing some more simply cos its RW and cant be posted

so i vote yes......provided its just a single showcase thread to diposit pics in......no wips, seperate threads, etc.....that way it stays seperate from whifs.....those that dont want to view RW stuff will know not to look in the thread....and if anyone does try to make seperate threads it would be easy for admin/mods to merge with the showcase thread or even delete all together
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Martin H

we dont need a RW section on here.

The forum has always turned a blind eye to the odd real build, so why go useing up band width creating a segregated section?
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I voted no because this is one of the few forums on the web where folks of all bulid levels can contribute and get constructive feedback.  As others have said, I would not this to turn into hyperscale where folks spend countless hours and money on "perfect" builds.  I think in the long run these perfect bulids discourage the casual/new builder to submit items.   

On the other hand, I could live with a separate column.     
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