Those darn British and their Armor

Started by philp, November 06, 2009, 08:19:15 PM

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Or should that be Armour?

Some interesting potential projects.



Also saw something in a tank mag today but can't remember it's name.  They called it the British S-tank. like the Swedish version but British?
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There was a testbed "Jagd-Chieftain" built at one point, IIRC. They've got it in storage at Bovington Tank Museum (just down the road from me). There's a Conqueror on display there as well, next to it's American counterpart, the M103.
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"Jagd-Chieftain" was a non-armed testbed.  Basically it was a hull with a gun barrel on it, intended to test the concept of a driver trained and fired self-propelled tank destroyer and the associated problems with such a long barrel mounted so low when moving cross-country.   The vehicle is, AIUSI stored in Bovington sans gun barrel.
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Of course, there were literal British "S" tanks too: the British Army tested them extensively:

QuoteIn April to September 1968, two 103s were tested at the British armour school in Bovington, which reported that "the turretless concept of the "S"-tank holds considerable advantage over turreted tanks". In BAOR 1973, the 103 was tested against the Chieftain. Availability never fell under 90% and the final report stated, "It has not been possible to prove any disadvantage in the "S" inability to fire on the move."

From here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-tank
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Quote from: pyro-manic on November 06, 2009, 08:38:57 PM
There was a testbed "Jagd-Chieftain" built at one point, IIRC. 

As seen here.


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The turret of the Challenger 2 tank is said to be based on that of the Vickers Mk.4, which in turn was tested on a Leopard 2 chassis to produce the Mk.7 as a cheaper alternative to the Mk.4......

What if Vickers took the idea one step further and modify the Mk.4/7 or Challenger 2 turret into an upgrade for aging tanks in service with the potential customers?

Like a T-72 or Leopard 1 hull with modified Challenger 2 turret?
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