Cylon Basestar into WHIF US Space aircraft carrier?

Started by seadude, November 01, 2009, 08:28:34 PM

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Not sure if this is the right forum to post this. If it's wrong, then can a Mod help move it to the correct area, please?

Anyway, I went to a model contest on Halloween. During the raffle that they had, I won the following kits:

When I told my best friend tonight about what I won, he said he wanted to buy the Basestar from me for one of his future projects. I said only if I can't think of a WHIF, then you might be able to have it. Wasn't long after I said those words that I soon thought of a WHIF!  ;D Here's my idea. Let me know what you think.
Building the Basestar pretty much as is, but painting and decaling it as a US space naval carrier for space fighters. Anybody got suggestions for paint colors/schemes, armament options, and decals? Is there any tiny aircraft smaller than 1/700 scale that I could find to use for the Basestar?
Modeling isn't just about how good the gluing or painting, etc. looks. It's also about how creative and imaginative you can be with a subject.


I don't know that there's any aircraft smaller than 1/700 really, though I suspect there might be.  It would be interesting, and I would say perhaps some banded layout for a paint scheme - give it something significant, overall, though a base gray might not be bad per se, albeit a somewhat darker gray like a neutral gray perhaps might look better in the long stretch, pick out some details in lighter colours, and then work from there.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.


holly crap my man u made out!

I would keep the battle star and mod the heck out of it!
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I think its a great idea - perhaps you could give it some Tricentennial markings? ;)
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Revell make some 1/1200 scale carriers but think they are all WWII.
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US Marines markings, thinking the great grandkids of the USS PELELIEU. 

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I liked the look of the Earth space carriers on the old tv show Space: Above and Beyond, so that's the look or concept I'm trying to go for. ;)
Modeling isn't just about how good the gluing or painting, etc. looks. It's also about how creative and imaginative you can be with a subject.


You can find 1/1200 aircraft, I found these when I was thinking of doing HMS Habbakuk in this scale! ;)  Have a look at this site:

There are other people who make them too, Google '1/1200 Aircraft' & you'll find quite a few.

Interesting project.... :thumbsup:
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To make it look more 'authentic' and give it more of a S:AAB look, you could also attach a bunch of aerials, box-launchers for missiles, and other turrety goodness to it. As it is, it doesn't seem to have much in the way of that kind of stuff on it.
I love your idea though - can't wait to see how it comes out.


If you want little starfighters, then google Ground Zero Games - they do loads of different styles of really tiny space fighters real cheap!