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Started by JoeP, October 31, 2009, 07:43:04 PM

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I've come to think that the Lee and Grant turrets just don't fit their hull - both are round in latitude and curved in longitude.
I have several 1/35 armor models I built in my youth, and am now rebuilding. Looking at those, I realized the Crusader turret fits the style of the Grant hull, and upgrades the upper weapons considerably. So I opened the hull to accommodate the Crusader's turret ring, et voila:

I gave it a shot of olive drab, but decided the rivets were a bit over-pronounced, so I've sanded them down. I'm also going to add a hull ball-mount MG, as well as a swivel MG on the top of the turret for the tank commander.

I have other projects in mind:

The Stug will be next. It needs MGs, and some reshaping to make it less German, since it's meant for an alternate universe, specifically for one of the Dutch cities of Weaver's Patchwork world.
The Sherman is getting the Grant turret, another idea of Weaver, as a pre-production test workup.
The M-3 half-track is getting new bogies, coming from a later model welded-hull Sherman that is off-screen. That Sherman's turret's base and gun, sans barrel are in shot. I'm deciding whether it will get a larger caliber, short-barreled gun, or twin 37mms; it will also get a Christie-type suspension. Finally, there's a small-caliber (probably 37mm) anti-tank gun that lost its barrel, so I'm not certain what to do with it.
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I'm with you - I think that Grant looks much better in the long stretch, the turret looks like it belongs there, and the original turret blends nicely on the Sherman hull.  The Sherman, I'd vote for twin 37's just to be mean and sadistic, looking forward to the StuG, and the Christie Sherman should be interesting as well.
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Nice one Joe! I wasn't sure about the Crusader turret on the Grant hull when you proposed it, but now I see it in the flesh, you're right: it does look as if they're meant for each other.

On the other hand, I always did have a feeling that the Grant turret might work on the Sherman hull, visually if not operationally. Since it's supposed to be an early prototype, why not paint it in glossy olive drab, with big white stars and lettering for some non-existent US Army proving ground, and then mount it on a ramp-shaped stone plinth with a plaque, as if it's a gate-guardian?  :wacko:
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Those are some great looking projects  :thumbsup:
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Angular grant turret looks ok.. man would they have to beef up the suspension on that side though...

This could be worth a hack if you have another one in the stash....


only picture I could find quickly of a really weird M3 Lee with 3 inch AA gun in a Tank destroyer experiment

Some nifty projects though


My concept is an alternate-reality Grant, with thinner, better quality armor, where the tank serves as mobile pillbox usual based hull-down behind a berm, with only the turret showing and the sponson gun serving as a howitzer at high angles.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


Latest update:

The Grant/Crusader is in a paint scheme based on naval disruptive. There's a story behind it I'm still writing.

The Stug I've altered in some ways, including adding proper 360 degree defense against ground troops, and am trying an experimental paint scheme.

The Sherman I've rebuilt based on an idea by Weaver.

The A-T gun I have idea about, but not certain yet how to paint it.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


Almost done and soon to start.

This one needs one additional detail, decals, weathering, and a dioramic base:

This one needs a repair and strengthening, the tread needs softening and lengthening, and then a diorama base. I screwed up the paint job, and then came up with an explanation:

This is Weaver's idea, and needs markings and treads.

Upcoming projects:

And in 1/72:

Everything except the AARV is going to trade parts around.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


Looking good boss!  Love the updated Crusading Grant!