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Started by thedarkmaster, October 20, 2009, 08:27:19 AM

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Hi guys,

can anyone point me in the direction of manufactures of 1/76 or 1/72 Royal navy crewmen and Royal Marine figures for the 1950's ie Suez period.

I'm also looking for a manufacturer of 20mm light aa and general ship bits like railings, lifebelts ropes hatches etc once again 1/76 or 1/72 for British forces around 1956.

thanks in advance

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Hecker and Goros do some WWII RN in 72nd.  Not sure how much change in uniform there was between '45 and '56.

HR Products do some 72nd scale fittings but not sure if any would work on RN ships.

White Ensign Models also do some 72nd photoetch but not really RN.

Loyal Hanna Dockyard has fittings for the Revell Flower Class Corvette.

As does Great Little Ships from DJ Parkins.
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Millicast also do a lot of RN crewman for landing craft and the like.  Its for WW2 but British uniforms and equipment weren't that different from the 40s to the 50s
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Aeroclub does an Oerlikon 20mm, whether it's the AA cannon I couldn't tell you though:

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Try Al Gunthwaite minature who has a variesy of Naval figure in 1/72 in various rigs

Also check Cammett as they did fittings (possibly from sirmar) in 1/72 for HMS Plymouth, which should include the 20mm gun.

And of course Sirmar themselves:-

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Going on from an earlier comment about the similarities between 1940's and 50's uniforms, what about either the Airfix or Matchbox Commando figures? Not sure if you can get the Matchbox ones but maybe a hunt online may source some, are the Airfix ones available at present??