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Started by Spey_Phantom, October 12, 2009, 12:53:12 PM

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about a year ago, i finished building a 1/144 scale aircraft carrier, the BNS Dendermonde (see: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,20488.0.html ). this aircraft carrier took about 6 months to build.

also i build a smaller HMS Invincible like V/STOL Carrier, the Leutonian LNS Amanda Peet.
( http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,21992.0/highlight,aircraft+carrier.html )

now, in the last build thread, i said that i had plans to build a 3rd aircraft carrier, this time a STOBAR carrier somewhere between the Kuznetsov-class and the Indian converted Gorshkov. well today i like to announce that the 3rd carrier WILL see the light of day  :blink:. i have alraedy begun designing the layout, witch i will hope will end up looking like the one proposed for India's Indigenuos aircraft carrier.

as for the airwing, im planning on a pair of SU-33 Flankers (Dragon SU-35/37 twinpack, easely to convert into SU-33's, have 1 converted model in Soviet Navy markings) and a 3rd fighter of a type unknown, perhaps MIG-29K or if im lucky to get one, an SU-25 Frogfoot. as for helicopters i most propably be using either NH90's, SH-60's or SA330 Puma's. or if i happen to find a 1/144 scale Revell/italeri Mi-24, then i will use that. i dont have anymore details at the moment, but i already have the sheets of styrene ready and i hope to get a 1/72 snowberry kit to be used as a basis.

underneath is a picture of the materials (2 sheets 1.5mm thick for the hull extention, 5 sheets 1mm thick for the bottom layer of the flight deck, 5 sheets 0.5mm thick for the top layer of the flight deck, 2 sheets 0.75mm thick for the Island Superstructure and 2 0.75mm cutouts for the ski-jump)
if required, i have additional sheets ready in reserve.

estimated dimensions

length: 1600mm
beam (deck): 250mm
height: ?

where to put it: No Idea
nationality: Dont Know yet, maybe Ukrainian, Chinese or Iranian
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Should be quite an interesting project to see done, Nils.  I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.
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This sounds interseting....any update on this build??.......Saw some photos on another site of a scratch built WW2 American carrier....think it was over 9 feet long n over 30 planes on it....app in a museum now



i dont have any updates on this project at the moment, the build is currently put on hold due to logistical, stash and financial problems. the only recent update i have is that i got a pair of 1.5mm thick styrene sheets for the hull extention, thats about it. as for the airwing, i decided to go with the Dragon 1/144 SU-35/37 twin pack and convert them into SU-33's, the parts are in the box and the only thing to scratch is the tailhook and maybe the folding wings.

i hope to get back on this project soon  :mellow:
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What size is the Plastic card sheet your using Nils ?

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Quote from: Thorvic on November 02, 2009, 03:04:16 AM
What size is the Plastic card sheet your using Nils ?

they are all A4 size (like standard printer paper), but they will be cut into sized strips to fit between the connecting hulls, that is if i can get hold of a snowberry, lucky for me there is a toystore not to far from here who's having a sale on those kits  ;D
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looks like i have enverything (except the airwing) on hand. the snowberry kit's here, so is the sheet styrene.
im gonna wait with building the island until i have a final design ready. as an extra, im donna see what i can do about fitting underdeck hangars  ;D

im gonna look for inspiration to the Chinese aircraft carrier, the Shi-Lang (ex-soviet navy varyag, kuznetzov-class carrier), as the mistery arround the carrier has entrigued me  :rolleyes:. as recent pictures showed a new radar mast being fitted above the bridge, i might design the island in a similar way, by upgrading an exsisting design.

hope to have final design sketches made tonight and scanned in tomorrow  :mellow:
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the carrier has made progress, with the bench mostly empty, i thought i should continue with this project.
the 2 halves of the hull have now been constructed and im about to start the hull extention.
im gonna start looking into the underdeck hangar shortly.

ive also given her a name, the LNS Hannigan  :mellow:.
the airwing on the model will be comprised of:

2 x SU-33K Flanker-D's
1 x MIG-29K Fulcrum
1 or 2 TA-6E Intruder (deck trainers)
1 x S-70 Seahawk

although i am leaning on replacing the mig-29 with an SU-47K Berkut-D.

first pictures of the carrier under construction  :mellow:

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Good to see that you managed to get a bow and a stern this time :)
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SUPER BUMP  :banghead:

after 6 months, i finally got back on building the project.

rough work on the hull has now been completed, and the underdeck hangar is big enough to house 4 1/144 Mig-29K's or 3 SU-33's

the first layer of the flightdeck is also being drawed up, undergoing pre-construction, although its gonna be tricky to carrier-ize the snowberry hull with the deck, but i will look into that later.
i still (after over a year) havent determined the final design for the island superstructure, i would like to go for something similar like what the Chinese are building on the Shi-Lang (ex soviet "Varyag") but its going to be very difficult to scrachbuild.

already confirmed to be based on it are:

-1 SH-60AEW Seahawk (or some sort of fixed wing STOBAR AEW platform)
-1 SH-60F Seahawk
-2 SU-33K Sea Flankers
-1 MIG-29K Fulcrum (planning on replacing it with either SU-25K2 or SU-47K)

better pics soon...
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yes, there is progress once again,

the hangar is done, and the top deck has been permanently fitted. also notable is the ski-jump (although its seems a bit big  :-\)
work is almost completed on the 2 Leutonian SU-33K's, witch will for the backbone of the airwing. the aircraft will be modified to use western weaponry, AMRAAM or Meteor BVR's, AIM-9 Sidewinders, LGB's, Litening pod,...
the aircraft now have a 2-tone grey camo, similar to the US Navy's F-18's, but im gonna add dark grey camo patches.

here are a few pics, i placed a MIG-29K and a Russian SU-33 on the deck scale comparison and deck testing  :mellow:

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So I'm glad you're making this, because it's AWESOME!!!


Holy revival time.

seeing the carrier gathering dust after almost 2 years on/off construction, i decided to change the design from a STOBAR carrier into a CATOBAR one. and instead of a Leutonian carrier, i thought of making it into a Royal Navy carrier.

and i got a new back history,

with 2 new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers (CVA-01) entering service to replace the 2 Audacious-class carriers (HMS Ark Royal and HMS Eagle), in 1976, the Royal Navy decided to also induct 2 lighter fleet carriers to replace the Centaur-class carriers. this class was know as the Kestrel-class carriers, composing of HMS Kestrel and HMS Vulture. the ships have a 50.000 ton displacement and have an airwing of 18 aircraft and 6 helicopters.
HMS Kestrel was the first to enter service in 1982, followed by the Vulture in 1984.

the cancelled STOBAR carrier will be converted to CVF configuration, im gonna start by removing the ski-jump and making it a flush-deck carrier.
as for the island superstructure, im gonna look at a combination of CVA-01 and the invincible-class islands.

air group at the moment, im thinking of:
-2 Sea Tornado GR.1's (800 and 892 NAS)
-1 Sea Tornado F.2 (899 NAS)
-possibly 1 Hawkeye AEW.2 (E-2C, 849 NAS).
-Puma HC.1 (845 NAS, transferred from RAF stocks)
-Intruder KS.1 (Tanker/ASW converted A-6E, 814 NAS)

EDIT: pic uploaded after skijump removal, PSR still needed

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Sweet do 1/144 Seakings BTW, which can be found on eBay.
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Quote from: Thorvic on August 01, 2011, 03:47:56 AM
Sweet do 1/144 Seakings BTW, which can be found on eBay.

i know, but since i dont have paypal (and not intending to get one just for 1 purchase) im gonna have to make due, i might check the airshow circuit at modeling stands if they are selling any, or i could check aviation megastore  :mellow:, to bad they dont make injection kits of the Merlin. i wish revell would re-release its 1/144 NH90, i think it would good in FAA markings :)

anyway, im thinking of changing the Sea Tornado F.2 for an F-14 Tomcat, witch be more plausible and more affordable for the FAA.
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