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Started by matrixone, March 06, 2004, 08:00:52 PM

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Here is another Luft 46 type....


Bv P.209 or 210 ? :unsure:
And how much "What-if" is it ? :unsure:  Just "not built in Reality" :blink:  or "personnally improved from the Real design" :wacko:  ?
As these P.208 and followers were not genuine twin-boomers, I  :wacko:  have lengthened the parts holding fins, as far as I am concerned... :)  
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


This airplane is a Bv 215 three seat nightfighter, If you want, I can post a couple more photos of this plane. The kit is from Special Hobby I purchased years ago when I was still flying R/C a lot, had no time to build it until I retired from R/C flying.

Martin H

Great model. :)   Makes my attempt at the P215 look like crap. (Witch it is BTW)
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This is one of Special Hobbys first kits, it was a difficult build. Much putty and sanding were needed. Notice the poor fit of the canopy! I am glad I did give up on that kit, it is probably the only kit of this aircraft we will ever see!
Thanks for the positive comment about my work.


Sorry Martin, my attempt beat's yours in the pathetic dept mate.. Pity, all I'm getting  is the red X at the 'mo.
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I re-posted some of my pics, see Att: Tophe.