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Started by matrixone, March 06, 2004, 08:57:05 AM

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Shows up fine on here, the trick is to ensure that they are below 64K and are are not too wide as that disrupts the page size.

Nice Dinah (i think that what it is ?) BTW


GeoffB B)

PS Welcome to What-if


Its an old Airfix Dinah that I was about throw away because one propeller was deformed. I remembered the Germans wanted to produce the Dinah but were not given permission from the Japanese, so I decided to convert the Airfix kit into a Luftwaffe Dinah. The engines are from a Ju 188, painted in 75/76 with 81 brown scribble, marked as a recon A/C.


John Howling Mouse

I could not see the first pic but the one on the last post looks terrific.  I've really got to try doing a grassy diorama someday...
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Thank you Howling mouse,
I am currently working on an improved backdrop for more realistic pictures.
Now that I can post pictures I hope to share more of my work in the future.


Oh that is one sweet looking Dinah Matrix, very nice indeed. I wonder, would it have been call a Ki46 in Luftwaffe service??
Welcome to the asylum by the way. It;'s a great place with some of the best blokesI have ever had the honour to know.  Helpful too. Just a word of advice though, LOVE TSR2's and don't like F111's... :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :ph34r:  
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Thats a great little diorama you got going there matrix  :wub:

ps welcome aboard

pps I got a red X for the first piccie too

ppps You're not canadian are you?
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Thanks lancer and nev for the welcome, for the first time in weeks I got a break in the weather that has allowed me to take some new pictures, I will try to post them soon. This is my first computer and after weeks of trying just successfully learned how to post pictures today.

Captain Canada

Hey Matrixone !

How's it going, eh ? Good over here in Canada ! And besides, it's the weekend !

Woo Hoo !

I agree....beauty diorama you got going there......I'd like to see a pic from the front of that bird, to better see the Jumos !

Cheers ! :cheers:  
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Captain Canada,
Glad its the weekend, even if it rains all the time on the Oregon coast!
I am having much trouble with uploading my pictures to my photo storage site.
I have one picture you might like:

John Howling Mouse

Twin-Boom alert-----Tophe, we ARE you, man?!
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Oregon?..................................YES! Finally someone from the USA!  :party:  :P

oh, and BTW, Welcome to Jurassic Park dude!

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Captain Canada

Love the new avatar, JHM !

My hometown, baby !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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QuoteTwin-Boom alert-----Tophe, we ARE you, man?!
Tophe is coming, happy... Nice Flitzer, thanks ! :wub:
Have you seen Glenn/Lee's one at http://www.whatifmodelers.com/forum//index...?showtopic=2474 ?
By the way, I am surprised of the Japanese refusing a licence to build in Germany the Dinah, as they built the jet engines & Me 163/262 in the opposite direction...
About What-if models in Oregon, do you know Pend-Oreille Models ? With a French owner, and just a few miles from my sister in law (Washington state), the World is not so big... By the way, I have heard this was the wonderful area were was filmed the first X-Files episodes. With lots of forests and beautiful colours. Lucky man, but as a modeller, I suppose you prefer staying at home. :)  
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