JML Aviation/ Honduras Air Force A-47 Pantera

Started by chrisonord, September 22, 2009, 11:14:41 AM

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The Honduras air force awarded another contract to JML Aviation for a multi mission turbo prop powered aircraft, one which, like the others could be easily maintained, use a variety of current U.S and European ordnance, and be based on an existing airframe.
JML looked hard to find more F-84 and Ouragan airframes, but non were forth coming, so back to the drawing board on that one.
JML also did a lot of restoration of WW2 aircraft for private collectors and museums, and one of the aircraft that had recently come in for a complete strip down and rebuild was a Republic P-47N. This gave the design team an idea, why not copy the fuselage and wings of the P-47N, using modern materials and electronics, and a modern Turbo prop engine.
A mock up model was drawn out and the idea put forward to the Honduras air force, with the idea that the air force would be getting a "new" build aircraft but with familiar avionics, engines and flight systems the Air force were very keen on their "new" aircraft.
The original P-47N was stripped down and all the relevant parts, copied and reproduced in newer stronger and lighter materials.
The day arrived to roll out the YA-47 Pantera as it will be called in Honduras service, and the Honduras representatives were gob smacked at the sheer size of the aircraft compared to most of their other single engine prop planes. The test pilot, took the aircraft out on its second flight, this time with a simulated maximum configured weapon load, including ammunition for its 2 25 mm cannon. The aircraft performed much better than expected and impressed its new owners the Honduran's completely.

The kit is the Heller 1/72nd scale P-47N thunderbolt, slightly modified with an aeroclub Westland  Wyvern contra prop, tricycle landing gear,more modern main landing gear wheels, an ejector seat and a pair of cannon pods that came from a BF-109. The exhaust nozzle is from a Harrier.
The weapon load is somewhat conservative with a load out of 6 freefall bombs, 2 rocket pods, 2 cannon pods and a pair of sidewinders.
Here is some pictures for you.

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Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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Very very cool :thumbsup:

Great conversion and wonderful camo to boot! :bow:
Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Nice one!  :thumbsup: Love the idea of using the Harrier exhaust nozzle for a turoprop. :thumbsup:

Arn't the inboard bombs a tad close to the rocket pods?
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Love the idea, Chris - the harrier vent for a turbine exhaust is pretty nifty and cool.  The camo looks good, and overall I love the Super Jug you have here.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.


It looks like the rocket pods are directly below the innermost freefall bomb??
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The bombs do actually clear the rocket pods, as the rocket pods are on a longer pylon, it does make it look like they are in the way.
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Ed S

Great idea. I like the camo on this.  Looks good.

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VEry cool build! :thumbsup: Both the lay-out and the camo!

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That's good stuff. :) Adding a spinner to these big radials always makes them look better, and that camouflage is lovely.
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Anything Republic related and/or with contra-props gets my vote.  :thumbsup:


Well done, anything with counter rotating props gets my attention.  Good idea. 
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A very credible and carefully executed project. Well done! I would love to see three-view drawings of that beast...