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Started by pyro-manic, September 21, 2009, 02:21:10 PM

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What is your favourite kit? That you enjoyed building more than any other, for whatever reason?

For me, my favourites are Airfix's Spitfire Vb, Revell's Hawker Hunter, and Hasegawa's F-20 Tigershark. All 1:72. I also really like Games Workshop's Imperial Cruisers from the Battlefleet Gothic range, though they only have a handful of parts each.
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the kit that i enjoyed the most was surprisingly the Airfix Concorde that i converted into a bonber, don't know why but it just seemed to grip me  ;D ;D ;D
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Mine is probably the Revell 1970 and a Half Chevelle 3 in 1 kit. It was the first American car kit I built (I'd done a Tamiya Morgan before), and it all went together so nicely, and I turned it into a post apocalyptic junker. Twice. I was all set to get heavily into American cars as Post Apocalyptic junkers, but my next kit was Revell's 1957 Chevy, which was a re-issue of an old, old kit, and did not go together well at all... so I sort of gave up on them.
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Of the ones I've done since I got back into modelling, it would have to be the Airfix Fouga Magister. I did two whiff ones (a single seater and a swept-wing one) and I liked the kit so much I almost bought a third just to do it straight. Might yet do that.
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3 stand out for me.  In no particular order.

Revell 1/32 Hunter FGR.9
Revell 1/72 Cromwell Mk.IV
Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito FB.VI
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My favourite kit generally happens to be the one I'm making, but not always....sometimes they are just crap kits.
Currently I'm enjoying the Airfix 1/72nd TSR.2, mostly because it's nice, a bit of a challenge, but with great potential.
Really "favourite" kits are:

1/48th Revell/Monogram F-8E Crusader
1/48th Tamiya P-51D Mustang
1/48th Airfix Spitfire 22/24~Seafire 46/47
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I've had a few that I've enjoyed, and I'll break them up into categories:

Aircraft (1/72):

Hase Hind A - it really fit together quite nicely, with little taming necessary.  I'm looking forward to the P if the fit goes so nicely, it should be nice and straightforward with good integrated detailing.
Hobbycraft Arrow - sure it's got its problems, and heaven forbid if you want to do the weapons bay, but really she can be a really shake and bake kit if you're not looking for a lot.
Dragon Hien - I may have stalled on the build of her, but the bird actually went together real nicely, finished up well, and had good options in it.  Granted it's got some real small pieces that the carpet monster just loves, like the breech bulges for the optional wing 20mm's.

Ships (1/700):

Dragon Pyotr Velikiy 3-in-1 - etch options, great fit, she comes together quite nicely and has a stack of fit options and the instructions to build all three stage-two Kirovs.
Trumpeter Slava - again, it's got nice smooth fit, goes together easily, nice details included in the whole layout, quite a nice piece.
Fujimi Super Yamato - seriously, what's not to like about a Yamato kit that includes the options and fits to do any of the upgrades or proposed versions, from the original all the way to the Super.  The fit is beautiful, the design is well done.  I plan on getting four more when I do the other four Yamatos in my build plan.

Armor (1/72):

Trumpeter IS-3 - love it, the option for the one-piece track and suspension hookup is nice, you can paint it and fit the outer side of all the road wheels so it goes together nicely.  Makes it a real nice piece to work on.


I have to admit, if there's one thing I've liked, most of the Games Workshop plastic kits go together quite nicely, the fit is well planned out for their vehicles, so they tend to perform nicely, and they go well into conversions when you plan them out smoothly.  Of course, in contrast, they're meant to go together smoothly, and to stand up to modest punishment over the long term, but they still behave quite nicely on the work table.
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Would have to be the Airfix 1/72 TSR2 closely followed by the Silvercloud P1154 and mostly because i was involved in some part with their creation.

The Airfix TSR2 has some challenges in building, but its not as bad as many make out and i have found more expensive and detailed kits with worse fitissues that always seemed to get glossed over in reviews. When you know the history and the state of play with Airfix at the time the TSR2 kit was comissioned i think many more would be a bit more forgiving.

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Fujimi 1/48 109G/K ......the one with tonnes of decals!
It just looks so snotty and real!!


My favorites come mostly from nostalgia. In no real order:

Airfix 1/72 F-86D Sabre.
I lost count of how many times I built that kit, I just love it. The fit is good and its fun. :wub:

Italeri 1/72 Panavia Tornado IDS.
I loved the looks of the Tornado when I first saw a picture of one and at the time the Italeri kits were the only ones I could afford that would give me a decent looking rendition of the type for my shelf. They weren't to troublesome to build and could give a good result straight from the box.

Monogram 1/48 Mil Mi-24 Hind D.
A bit of a pig in places but captured the lines of the original quite well for a kit that made it's debut before the Iron Curtain fell. I remember how brutal the real thing looked when I first saw a picture of it and the Monogram kit looked every bit as brutal sitting on my shelf when it was finished.
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Difficult one, but it's probably the Airfix Vulcan.  I built it once, I was in my early teens & I was very happy with the job I did on it (probably would disown it now!).  I've got one in the stash & will do it 'some day'.

Another one from back in the day was the Airfx PBY Catalina, again, one I was just happy with.

I'm quite impressed with the current kit I'm building, the Anigrand 1/144 Sukhoi T-4MS.  If continues to go well, it'll be up there with my favourites.

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one of the favorites i made was the airfix 1/72 O-1 Birddog  ;D and the 1/72 Gnat.
but one of the best kits i ever made, has to be the Academy 1/72 Spitfire Mk.XVIc, good details, both interior and exterior, easy to convert into a 2-seater and the parts fit like a dream  :mellow:
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I've had great fun with the 1/72 Revell FW Flitzer, such a small kit but lots of fun to put together.

Matchbox Hawk 200 is also a goodie with decent fitting parts and so much choice for marking options.


For me, the 1/72 Lindberg DO-335 and AR-234 are at the top of the list.  Slap them together in a few minutes and then spend time painting and decalling (to What ifs, of course).  Many of the 1/72 Hobby Boss kits are in the same easy-to-build category as well.

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