Advanced Technology Bomber - Completed

Started by stevev22fe, September 11, 2009, 12:00:57 PM

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I have posted this as an in-progress build, but now I think she is complete.

This is the 1988 B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber kit. What an absolute joy to build!  I will have a full review of the kit posted later.

For now, enjoy!

It was a nice day today in West Texas to take some outside pictures of her.


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This is really a top notch build. You've turned a 100% Meh kit into a sexy beast! I love the last set, with the hangar and the crew "bread truck"


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General Melchet

Nice job on the old beast!, personally I think it looks better than the B2....
Quite a hard kit to find now, wish I'd hung on to mine all those years ago :banghead:
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Wow Steve, very impressive!  :thumbsup: Think that's going to the top of my wanted list.

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Ed S

Nicely done.  It looks right sitting in front of the hanger.  I have one of these kits in my stash.  I hope I can do as well with it.

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Thanks Guys for your compliments!!

It's funny, I seem to do a better job when I use my imagination than I do when I am trying to build a real aircraft from a picture!


Probably because there's less pressure to match up to somebody else's work, and it doesn't have the problem of translating the image to proper colours and matching everything up cleanly etc, you're just going straight from your head to the plastic.

Nicely done, too, she looks quite a right monster.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.


Steve, does the kit come with that undercarriage ?  I'm looking for something just like that.
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Yep, the kit is built entirely out of the box.

If you look at real close, you can see that Revell use B-1 landing gear.

If I build another one, I will modify it and hack up a real B-2 and use the wheel wells and gear from the Testors kit.


That's what I thought they looked like,  cheers  :thumbsup:
If I'm not building models, I'm out riding my dirtbike

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outstanding!  Would love to know what went into making it and love the hanger :thumbsup:
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