Royal Navy Corsair VI

Started by Radish, September 03, 2009, 12:52:48 PM

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1/48th Hasegawa F4U-4 from a very long time ago. Still around I think.
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Love the weathering! The Corsair looks just right in those colours!  :thumbsup:


I agree, those colours definately suit it :wub:
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Nice work Terry!  Looking forward to seeing more of the same now that you have a camera :^)
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Teachers pet eh ? Which one of your former pupils is that dedicated to I wonder ?  ;D
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Looks suitably battered!  Good to see some photos Terry! :thumbsup:
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I can see I'm going to be very happy with your new found photo posting ability! This is way cool! Corsair looks perfect like this.  :thumbsup:
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Nice Corsair.  It looks well used. 

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Sweet Job!!!!!!!!!!! Did You Know the RN was the First to show the Corsair was Suited to Carrier Use before the US Navy used it???????? Hope to see More Awesome work like This!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :cheers:

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Now that's just filthy..... looks like it just got back from an extended cruise AND combat. Don't recall seeing that one before, Terry. Very nice work.

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Confuscious (maybe)


On the other side of the nose it says "IPMS Stafford and IPMS Burton", as it was built for a display. My friend Dennis Gorman says it was just like the Sea Furies looked normally. They cleaned them up for photographs!! :party:
Once you've visited the land of the Loonies, a return is never far away.....

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Talk dirty to me !

She looks like a totally different animal in those colours....the tail looks bigger as well. Very nice !

:wub: :cheers:
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