Hawker Delta Hunter

Started by van883, August 27, 2009, 12:27:50 PM

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...has a nice ring to it! The result of a collaboration between Douglas and Hawker in the mid 1950's

Airfix Hunter fuselage and decals and Tamiya Skyray wings and tail and lots of filler.


I thought I'd put it here as well as the child board-otherwise what is the point of the main section?!


Looks au natural, well played Van !!!
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Nice kit bash.  Although, with that wing, you have to take a second look to see the Hunter in there.  Well done.

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Jeffry Fontaine

Nice blending of the Skyray and Hunter parts.  Looks quite authentic and I hope it causes some fits amongst the purists when it is encountered on the display table at your next show.  
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Super Sweet :thumbsup: This is Too Cool :ph34r: You did an awesome Job Paint,Decal.and All Around :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Hope to see More Great Work like This :cheers:


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thanks for all your kind words-I'll definitely take it to a show where the sig have a table..




Very nice, just looks right somehow.


Brilliant concept and execution! :thumbsup:


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That is truly jaw-dropping - at least, down here it is ;). Nice work! As soon as I saw the canopy and the nose decal I just knew the Airfix Hunter had to be involved.

A brilliant concept well-executed, and the camo is quite nice too. As a delta fan I give this two thumbs up!
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Terrific Van - looking forward to seeing her in the flesh  :thumbsup:
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