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Started by tigercat2, August 25, 2009, 01:04:00 PM

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What kits do you have (built or unbuilt) that you thought you would never see produced?   For me, my number one example is the F-108; thanks to Anigrand I have finished my Century Series (along with their F-103 and F-109, and Trump's '107).  I will probably purchase another one soon; what a great kit (and it would have been a superb aircraft, IMHO).

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1/72 C-17
1/32 Vulcan
1/48 B-1

Finally theres the kit most of us never saw - the Airfix TSR-2


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Probably the PZL Skorpian (got one on the way here from the EU via EvilBay).

Another one would be Lockheed Starclipper (also an EU resin kit I bought earlier this year).
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A-Model's 1/144th XC-8A (Buffalo with air-cushioned landing system)

Now if only someone would do a QSRA Buffalo so I could do a little wing-swapping...... :wacko:
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