what do with your kits ?

Started by thedarkmaster, August 25, 2009, 11:39:25 AM

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Since I have now reached the 80+ mark with my Empires Twighlight thread and with no end in site my wife is starting to ask where Im going to put them all ?

She has no problem with me displaying them but I already 5 shelves and she has OK'd 3 more but thats it, I have An12, An22, 2 Vulcans, Victor, Nimrod, Concorde and 70 + other kits. I dont want to put them in the loft and an outdoor shed is not a good idea in the area I live.

What do you guy's do ? especially those of you with an average sized UK house and kids ?  ;D  ;D
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I keep them neat and tidy in the boxes they came in...

Oh, you mean "built models". Sorry, that's a concept I'm not all that familiar with...  ;D

Maybe you'll have to go for a "travelling exhibition". Keep some of them in storage and swap them once in a while.

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I hang the few of the largest in the loft. Thats a 1/48 A-10, 1/72 AC-130 and a 1/144 A380. I have 2 glas cupboards, with 4 shelves in each. I display all my helicopters, because i can't really store them anywhere else. Some of the best models with extended landing gear get to share the other bupboard with 2 dioramas, 2 1/35 Tigers/King Tigers. I also display a 1/350 Bismarck on the top of a cupboard. Anything else goes into boxes in the garage, or in the loft.

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I have two glass store display cases.  Unfortunately, these are filling up and I'm now trying to find places for my latest builds.  I have no idea where I'm going to put the 1/72 B-49 that I'm currently working on.

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Use you're airspace  . . . Even then I've got a shipload of built kits stacked in boxes sitting in a closet at my house :(
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In plastic boxes with expanded polystyrene base taped in and cocktail stiks holding the models to the base. Alt polystyrene chips.


Until I get my display cabinet built, which will fortunately be in the basement, I'm keeping them in the boxes I packed them in for my house move.  Before that though they were hung from the ceiling in the spare bedroom I used as a hobby room.

The top two photos show a box I packed which has about forty kits in. The bottom photos are self explanatory.
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Oh hell I sound like a real miserable b****** here.

Sadly when complete, good or bad the kits are photographed and then boxed. The box is sealed and dated placed in the loft and after a year, the box, if unopened, is disposed of.

Any really bad kits go to my grandkids for their entertainment.

I have little display space so only display the 'exceptional' kits, that's the kits I really like, perhaps not the best in JMN style, but the ones that please me. Even so every now and then I have a clearout and shed a tear.

Like wise I only have a stash of about 30 boxed unmade kits, no room for anymore but there are about 200 unboxed sealed in plastic bags about 50 in plain view and the rest stashed away in secret places (including the boot of my car and anywhere else SHMBO will not go).  ;D
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I have about 1/3 of my kits on shelves in my newly remodeled "model room", and the other 2/3 are in storage in the garage.  Stored kits are in plastic seal-tight bags that keeps all loose parts nearby.  Once every two months or so I will rotate 20 - 30 kits out of storage onto the shelves. 

I also have a few models displayed at the office, these are rotated as well.

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Forgot to include a shot of the shelves.

Wes W


Currently they're in long clear storage boxes, waiting for me to get my shelves up in my hobby room.
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Kitnut, your way of storing all those props is ingenious! :bow:

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?


When, and this is a god knows when, I get my compensation, I am going to build a very large shed at the bottom of my garden, this shed will have lots of shelving to put all my builds on, and some room to build them also. To make my models happy and comfortable in their environment, the shed will be insulated, heated have lots of lighting, a TV a stereo system and a fridge full of cold beer. Also the windows will be double glazed so as not to let in any unwanted and irritating noise (missus). To keep all my models company will be all my fishing gear, and most probably an old motorbike in bits in one corner.
But in the mean time some are in boxes in the shed, and others are crammed on the 3 shelves and in a cabinet, that one of the cats keeps getting into somehow. :angry:
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I keep them around on shelves until I'm tired of looking at them or they break, and then either give them away to kids, strip them for parts, or put them in a big plastic tub.  I'll quote someone from a 1970's craft magazine I ran across- "They are exquisite turds, joyously excreted".  Once the things are done, the fun is really over for me.


I myself have a large amount of bookshelf type spaces built into the walls in my home so display is not a problem.That and I often sow my built models that I am proud of but no longer wish to display out to receptive friends and family as gifts,My three older nephews have 2 display cases and several shelves with some of my models in their home (along with my nephew Aaron's models) and some are actually built for others such as the navy aircraft my great uncle flew before,during & after WWII and Korea,a WWII Deuce & a half in the markings of my grandfathers quartermasters unit for my grandmother after his passing. and a M5 Stuart for my friend's grandfather in the livery of his old unit ( that one means Alot to me as his grandfather Saluted me,hugged me and began to cry at the sight of "My old ride come back to life") I feel that if possible Retireing old models to people who would enjoy them is my favorite way of "Storing" them
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