MiG-23bis (Advanced Ye-8)

Started by McGreig, August 19, 2009, 04:02:50 PM

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The Ye-8 had the provisional designation of MiG-23 (originally allocated to the swept wing Ye-2A and subsequently used for the VG "Flogger"). It was based on the airframe of the MiG-21PF and, if it had gone into service, it would presumably have been subject to the same sort of upgrades as the MiG-21

In the past I've thought vaguely about what a developed Ye-8 might have looked like, but I've never developed the idea.  However, I recently came across an Airmodel vacform of the Ye-8 which had lost its canopy and it occurred to me that perhaps the parts could be mated to a late model MiG-21 to produce a developed "in service" Ye-8 - the MiG-23bis.

So, after a fair bit of cutting and slashing, this is the first stage in the construction of a MiG-23bis.

Most of the model is the Fujimi MiG-21bis "Black Lynx" kit. The Airmodel kit has provided the nose and intake and will also be the source of the canards.

The first photo shows the basic components with one half of the Airmodel nose already fixed in place.  Photo two shows the whole Airmodel nose in place after the cockpit area has been cut out and the Fujimi cockpit area substituted. The Fujimi spine is being test fitted. The third and fourth photos show the model after the Fujimi spine has been fixed in place (and extended) and the Airmodel intake has also been added.


The first three photos are of the basic airframe before extensive PSR begins on smoothing the intake/fuselage join.

The fourth photo is the JV Jetkits resin of the actual Ye-8 which I also have on the go. I have replaced the wings with those from a Fujimi MiG-21 and it will ultimately be finished in an operational scheme.


Very nice work so far! :thumbsup: What have you got in mind regarding armament, markings and timeframe?

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Very nice work - I love the lines of this, very sleek :wub:

Indian? ;)
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I'm really looking forward to seeing this finished as I've always liked the ye-8  ;D  ;D
Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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Looking forward to seeing this one finished as a nice kit bash between kit and vacform. What schemes will the be finished in ?

Now will you be doing a Mig-33 as the evetualy evolution of the concept ?  ;D

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They're looking exceptionally good McG! I think the YE-8 was the finest of all the MiG 21 derivatives. I am a huge MiG21 fan, but the YE-8 blows them totally away.  Just itching to get my hands on the omega resin kit or even the vac form to do my own version
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Very interesting, I am eager to see this project finished!  :wub:


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Wow is that ever sharp ! I had no idea this thing existed, or that the Mig-21 wing was so sharp !

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That's excellent! I'm another Ye-8 fan, so watching this one with interest.
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Lovely, I'm another fan of the Ye-8.  Waiting with baited breath to see what you churn out!
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The Ye-8 is indeed such a sweet looking piece of machinery.  I find myself wondering if that intake had been used on the J-8II what that would have looked like...

Still, she is a sleek looking bird, and I look forward to seeing more, McG!
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