Beriev Be-42/A-40 Mermaid in RAF service

Started by McColm, August 18, 2009, 01:24:03 AM

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Hi Guys,
Having read a few of your comments on the Nimrod Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft. If The British government had given the go-ahead for 12 A-40 MPA and 5 SAR examples Shorts Belfast would have been the main contractor. The Nimrod2000 package would have also been installed. My suggestion is to include a 25 foot plug in the forward section of the fuselage to allow for two cargo doors, one each side. These doors allows access for Zodiac inflateable boats for Search & Rescue and operational equipment to be changed quickly. The four engines two turbofans and two turbojets boosters would be British or European. With the extension of the fuselage the weapons bay could also hold S & R equipment or SLAR or Electronic Warfare kit.
Transporter versions and commercial combos would have been used for Island hopping around the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.
The Russian Navy have put an order in for a service date or 2013.
Has anyone built a model of this?


Hi guys,
They said you were the best on the Secrete Projects Webb site in creating CGI Profiles and making models :banghead:
If I could persuade my boss to update his IT package then I could do my own profiles. If I knew how to post a picture on this article it would be a start.
Help! I need a profile, any offers? :tornado:


It might be a better idea to post the request on the Profiles section of the forum. You might even get pointed to a pre-exisiting profile.

The best way of posting a picture on here is to get a free Photobucket account. You upload your pictures to Photobucket, copy the link code they give you into a post on here and voila!
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Green Dragon

Anigrand are planning an A-40 in 1/144th scale. Here's a link to Blue Donkey's Kampfgruppe 144 article. http://kampfgruppe144.blogspot.com/2009/08/1144-anigrand-future-releases-2009.html
And here's his main site. http://kampfgruppe144.blogspot.com/
Ton's of stuff on his site to interest whiffers including the new 1/144th scale Ta183 and Me P1101 kits from Jach in the Czech Republic.

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